eBay is eNuts!

People will sell anything and nothing.

Maybe you have heard about the British teen who was trying to sell his virginity on eBay (I sure would like to see the buyer feedback message after that transaction). This probably doesn’t surprise you but that is not the only odd thing people are trying to sell on eBay.

Somebody is selling nothing for $1.00. The seller says “Help prove to my friend that there is a demand for nothing.” At least he has a sense of humor.

Also on sale are high quality “Brass Balls”. These are Marine Grade people--not to be placed in girlfriend’s purse (that’s not a joke line by the way, that is their warning label).

Sticking with our male genitalia theme, “Biker Balls are the ultimate motorcycle accessory!” I couldn’t have said it better myself. These are plastic molds made to look like male balls that can be hung from your ATV or riding mower (insert your joke here).

Finally, a hair stylist is selling an over 2 hour video of a girl getting 20 inches of her hair cut off. Yep, not lying, she isn’t nude or anything. It’s at the low price of $30.00 minimum bid.

Turns out, the smartest buy is the guy selling nothing.

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