At recent show in Las Vegas, singer Linda Rodstadt incited a near riot while performing her encore. No it wasn’t that her singing sucks but it was because she stopped to praise filmmaker Michael Moore for his movie “Fahrenheit 9/11”. Linda called Michael a “great American patriot.”

Many of the ‘fans’ began booing and then stormed out of the show. Some of these now former fans went outside and began tearing her posters down and throwing drinks in the air. Linda was never let back into her suite at the Aladdin and was told to leave.

Now could you see Liberals doing something like this if say Dave Matthews Band stopped during their show and said “Hey Rush Limbaugh is a cool dude, check out his radio show.”? There is no way. Maybe if Matthews said something like “Keep pot illegal!” then there would be a riot (insert, ‘lazy pothead would run out of energy and forget what he was mad about’, joke here).

Another thing a liberal wouldn’t have done is throw his drink in the air-- He would have downed that shit before he threw it!

I never thought that conservatives knew how to riot. Of course they chose a LINDA RONSTADT SHOW to do it but hey, it’s a start.

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