Friggin Enough Already

Quincy, Qunicy, Quincy. I have heard enough about it.

Freshly former Dallas QB, Quincy Carter, has been cut for unknown reasons (coke cokie coke cokesters…allegedly). With all of the coverage of this, you would think the Vatican released the Pope.

Sportscenter spent it’s first five minuets on it (they of course came back to the story later). Dan Patrick spent almost his whole three hour radio show on the story. It was one of the lead stories on my Yahoo page-although one of the other stories was the best 80’s cover songs, so maybe that’s a bad example.

Do you think if the Jacksonville Jaguars released their mildly talented QB there would be so much press? (And nooo, I can’t think of Jacksonville’s starting quarterback and I feel good about it). The answer is no, there wouldn’t be nearly the press

I understand the reason for all of the coverage. It’s the Cowboys, Parsells, J. Jones, “America’s Team”. Are they still “America’s Team”? Is God still looking through that damn hole in the stadium? NO GOD OF MINE DAMMIT!

My God is busy with watching out for Marshall Faulk to make sure he stays healthy this year. For Mark Bulger to become the bad-ass that Dieter Brock never could be….Wait, what was I talking about?...Oh yea, cokeheads (allegedly).

Attention national media…we all don’t give that much of a damn about nose candy quarterback’s getting dumped during training camp…allegedly.

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