If Anybody Gives a Damn

If there is actually anybody who checks this blog regularly, other than my cousin Trent (yes, I told everyone you said "Hi.", Trent), you might like to know I won't be able to post anything for a week or so.

I will be going on "Vacation" (doing a stint in Corcoran State Prison) and won't be near a computer (I'll be in cell block B, bottom bunk, being Randal's 'bitch').

So please be kind and check back next week for more pseudo witty writing (please send a carton of smokes to me at Corcoran, or "The Cork", so I can trade it for some extra pudding).

Thanks Guys!


casey ryan said...

that sucks dude.

Peaches said...

Oh! What a coincidence! I'll be in cell block F! So stop by sometime on your way back from mandatory verbal abuse :D
-Take Care
-Ian (dailyservingsoffruit.blogspot.com)

Mike Seay said...

The whole "prison" thing was a joke by the way, in case anybody thought otherwise.