Things Can Get Damn Funny Underwater!


Cartoon Network’s “Adult Swim” programming is shown late at night (or the beginning of the night for you drinkers…okay us drinkers) and has some of the funniest shows on television. The funniest might be Sealab 2021.

Sealab 2021 is something a little different. It takes the old classic dramatic early 1970’s series (Sealab 2020), keeps the characters and the animation but writes completely different stories and dialog. What was once a cheesy 70’s drama cartoon series, is now a crazy and hilarious cartoon for today.

Generally what may happen in an episode is the crew (assigned to exploring the possibility of underwater colonization) may start a debate about if they would put their brains in robot bodies. Or Affirmative Action promoting everyone to Captain. Or fighting giant squids over a toy oven. All the while a catastrophe threatens the colony, so Dr. Quentin Q. Quinn (the only smart and level one) has to save the day as the others are oblivious.

Check out the “Adult Swim” block of programming on the Cartoon Network. New Sealabs are shown Sunday nights. And if you have a issue with being an adult and watching “cartoons”, it’s really called a animated series…CAPTAIN.

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