Would You Like Plastic or Paper?

CD's that are packaged in the cardboard cases instead of the traditional plastic jewel cases, bug the hell out of me.

Call me anal-retentive or a dumbass who thinks about stupid things too much, but they screw up my CD shelf. It doesn't look right and sometimes the boxes are too big to fit properly in the shelf and they throw off the spacing. Sometimes the boxes start wearing out too.

I can understand the bands might think cardboard cases are better for the environment but that's only if I threw away the case. Why would I throw away the case?...I love the case, it's my friend. It just feels right in my hand plus it's easier to take out the booklet when it's a jewel case. Sometimes It takes a few minutes to even find the book in the cardboard ones. Besides, aren't you using more tree's with the paper ones. And couldn't you use recycled plastic for the jewel cases (yes you can use recycled paper too but I'm trying to make a friggin point here).

Please, somebody make a compact disc law or something and stop the Cardboard madness...MADNESS I TELL YOU!

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