Ashlee Simpson Can't Even Lip-Sync!

This is just too funny to pass up. Did you catch Saturday Night Live last weekend? If not (or maybe you just feel asleep like me) you missed a once in a season (or more) moment.

Ashlee (Yes, that's how she spells Ashley) Simpson, the SNL musical guest (I use the term musical loosely) totally screwed-up her second song (by the way, she was obviously lip-synching on her first song). Either her band started playing a song that surprised her or the lip-sync track was off and played the first song, but she became a deer in the headlights and just walked (actually she did a "ho-down") off stage.

I think SNL is going to start making sure they don't book un-professionals anymore.

Funny-ass shit. Click the link below to see it!

Simpson Screw-up


The sad thing is she blames her band in the end. They were the only ones being professional and going on with the show. "Ashlee" just slinked away.

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