I Am Very Talented...at video games

It’s the first, of what will likely be many, “I have writer’s block, even though there is no such thing, post”.

This will be the official picture for these posts. It represents how I can’t think of anything good to write about so I am going to just post this lame picture.

I actually don’t think writer’s block exists. “Writer’s block” really just breaks down like this:
• The story/idea you are working simply sucks and you should just move on (I MOVE ON A LOT!)
• You haven’t researched your idea enough…you just haven’t worked hard enough (BIG LAZY-ASS MO-FO).
• Being too much of a perfectionist. (WHAT’S A PErFECTtIONST?)
• Plain have no talent (YO!).

Current reason for the lack of a new post falls under the “lazy” category. I’ve been working to much this week and I decided to use what little down time I had to play video games…like so many other great “talents”.

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