Know How To Make A White Russian?

If you like the movie The Big Lebowski, what the hell is wrong with you? You should LOVE The Big Lebowski!

Do you love drinking as well? Here is the game for you! But be careful, if you play this game like it tells you to, YOU MAY DIE!

The beginning of the movie Entire cup or beer
Dude smokes pot 2 drinks
Walter mentions Vietnam 1 drink
Donny says dude 1 drink
Someone bowls a strike 2 drinks
You see George Bush 5 drinks
Every time Dude drinks a White Russian 1 drink
Every time the Dude wears Jellies 2 drinks
Every time a weapon is in the film 1 drink
Every time Walter says Shomer Shabbas 1 drink
The Dude rides in a car (not driving) 1 drink
Every time Flea is in the picture 1 drink
Song on soundtrack starts 1 drink
Every time the dude puts on sunglasses 1 drink
Everytime someone says gold bricker 2 drinks
End of movie Finish what is left

(Inventors: Matt, TJ, Dan, Andrew, Jared FSU Deviney Hall 2000-2001)

Please let AUDIBLE FLUX know if you actually have played this game and what hospital you were taken to.


golfwidow said...

I'm going to Ohio next summer for a Big Lebowski Bowling Bathrobe White Russian Party. I'll let you know if any of us makes it through.

Mike Seay said...

Why not start practicing now?