I first thought about fascism when I saw the movie "Bull Durham". Crash Davis said that fastballs are "Boring and besides that they're fascist." I wasn't absolutely sure what fascism was, I just thought it had something to do with politics and telling everybody 'This is how it is, you have no choice in the matter.'

Now, you would think I learned about fascism in high school or something but I was to preoccupied with worrying that, at any moment, I might have to get up in front of the class while I still had a boner.

So with all of my worry over 'random wood', I think I missed the fascism lesson. So now I have found --thanks to Trent (still somehow single ladies). Email me and I will send you his picture-- a great piece on how we (America) have become a fascist country. No matter what your political view, read it with an open mind by clicking HERE!

Did you read it? No? Ahhh, come on, you can't look at porn 24/7. Take just a minute and learn something. Okay, if you read the fascism PDF, you can take a look at these two hot porn stars here!



Well, I kinda talked to Howard. But as it turns out, I am one of the last.

Being the geek that I am, I go on a few web-site message boards. My favorites are http://www.viewaskew.com (Kevin Smith's) and http://www.howardstern.com . Every once in a while, Howard and Kevin will go on the boards and answer some stuff and talk to people.

The other night Howard got online (the message board's front page will tell you who is online) at the same time I was. He was on-line to check if people had questions for him to address, during his Letterman appearance, about his move to satellite radio.

I quickly wrote something out that I was wondering about and that I thought he would answer. And to my amazement, he replied to my message. Here it is: (I'm wifflefresno...duh)
Howard Stern
The Howard Stern Show

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Yesterday, 5:16:53 PM

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When you are on Letterman (if you aren't goin to already) lets us in on what your sirius channel will have. Will you keep replaying that day's show on the channel so you can hear it if you can't listen live?


Howard Stern
I am developing the three channels...the channel I am on will repeat my show (not sure how many times) and have other original programming...I am so anxious to get it all going.. it is so the future...I have Sirius on in my apartment 24/7 and the thing fucking rocks...lots of great stuff...cool listening to the jet game and watching the scores roll across...that technology will be put to good use...

The King Of All Media talking with the King Of All Geeks. What a country...a dorky, sick, perverted, run by Christian families country, but a country none the less.

Howard's board has now been shut off. If you have ever been on there, you can kinda see why (some poster's got pretty twisted). But I think it might of got shut down because Howard just didn't want to deal with the shear volume of people on there.

Too many people on the website; I wish I had that problem...(sigh, tear).



A mosh pit can be a beautiful thing; whether you are in it or not.

I was recently at a KORN/CHEVELLE concert. It was a general admission show which is increasingly rare nowadays, given all the mayhem, injuries and even death they can cause.

If you are at a G.A. show and the band is at all hard rock or metal, a pit or two will always break out. When I was in my concert going hey-day, pits were a big thing. I always thought that pits would kinda be a passing concert fad. But Fresno Korn/Chevelle fans showed me that pits are alive and well.

I went to the concert with my friend Aaron. We are too old to be getting in pits anymore. But due to our late arrival to the show (pre-concert drinking) they wouldn't let us down on the floor anyway. I guess our old 90's concert reps preceded us.

With the floor being too full, we were forced to the second level on the side of the stage. Terrible spot to hear the show but it's a great vantage point for watching the crowd.

Mosh pits had already been happening prior to Korn, but once the boys hit the stage--it was on! The crowd was immediately at fever pitch. Several 'pits' were in full swing and the rest of the crowd was in full metal moshing mode.

It really is an amazing sight. A flood of people, looking like ants after their nest has been disrupted. It made me long for being in the mosh pit.

You may think that mosh pits just consist of big dudes just looking to flatten people. And though there are a couple of those guys, most moshers are just looking to have a good time. There is even a etiquette in 'the pit'. Even when somebody gets knocked down, somebody else picks them up and nobody trys to step on them. And much of the time, a good hit is followed by hugs at the songs end.

Maybe one day, even in my older age and small stature, I'll try getting in a pit again. Just so I can feel, even for just a night, like a young, beautiful, ant-metal-head at fever pitch.



When you are a 'geek', 'fanboy', 'madchild' like myself, you worry about different things than most people.

When I first learned that George Lucas was going to film the first three movies of the Star Wars series, or the "prequels", this is what I worried about; Is James Earl Jones (voice of Darth Vader)going to live long enough to make it to the last movie, where his voice will be needed?

I didn't think about if his family will miss him or that the acting community will be losing a great talent, I thought; "That would really FUCK UP Star Wars III (now titled "Revenge Of The Sith")." Well I no longer have to worry because James Earl is still around and 'Revenge' is "in the can".

"Revenge of the Sith" will feature how Anikian Skywalker "dies" and resurrects himself as Darth Vader. I have been waiting to see this ever since Luke was told --a long time ago in a galaxy far far away -- that Vader "killed" his father.

Below is a link to the latest trailer for Episode III. If you are a Star Wars fan and this trailer doesn't get friggin hyped as hell, well then aaahh, I guess you are not a Star Wars fan.

Give it a few to download and then come back and tell me what you think in the comments.


Don't Blame Me, Blame Kevin Smith

If anybody, unrelated to me, reads this blog on a regular basis -- What is wrong with you? There must be better ways to waste your time. Maybe re-setting your automatic sprinkler timer or something.

And if you actually enjoy my writing (or don't enjoy -- more likely) you have Kevin Smith to blame.

I only got interested in writing, mostly, because of Kevin. I really connected with his writing (screenwriting and comic book). I also thought it was really cool how he would use his friends in all his movies (wink wink Derek).

So one day, I got fired up and started writing unfinished screenplay's, lame blogs, and various stalkerish letters. I have only looked back like a couple dozen times since.

Speaking of Kevin Smith, here is a link to some really funny PSA's on registering and voting, that Kevin directed. They played on Comedy Central. If you missed them, check them out by clicking Kevin Smith PSA's.


Wal-Mart Sells Evil...But It's Cheap!

The next time you go to Wal-Mart (or Sprawl-Mart as The Simpsons appropriately call it) and you are looking to get some paint ball equipment or a new spare tire, think about this;
Wal-Mart couldn’t give a damn about their employees.

Here is just a small example of the politics that Wal-Mart gets involved in. Wal-Mart contributed $650,000 to the campaign against California Proposition 72, which would have required employers (Sprawl-Mart) to pay for their workers’ health insurance. Wal-Mart helped defeat it by the way.

Wal-Mart has donated $153,000 to the Californian Republican party in the past two years, spent more than $1 million in March to convince Contra Costa County voters to kill an ordinance that would have effectively banned Wal-Mart supercenters—that’s their grocery store/regular Wal-Mart (beer, motor oil and bullets all in one trip).

Actually, Wal-Mart lost one recently after it spent $1 mil to pass a measure that would permit Wal-Mart to build a supercenter in Ingelwood without undergoing the usual environmental reviews.

All this and they pay their employees some of the lowest in wages and benefits in the industry.

So when you are in Wal-Mart sometime soon, think about how you are getting that 50 cents less on the latest Tim McGraw disc or car battery (Is there a Tim McGraw endorsed car battery?).

Hopefully that "thinking" stuff will stop you from buying that Tim McGraw album all together.


What Would Yoda Do?

Hypocrite. That’s what I am. I think of the “Right” as being closed minded, uninformed and just plain wrong. Maybe I am the one who is closed minded, who is uninformed and, dare I say, wrong.

I‘ve always felt like the Republicans are the “Dark Side” and I (a Democrat) am on the good side of "The Force" (Is "the force" supposed to be capitalized?..Who knows). Democrats with Luke and Chewie, Republicans are with Darth Vader and the Emperor. Actually I am probably more like a Ewok but think I’m Han Solo.

The problem is, even though we Dems may truly believe we are on the good side of the Force, so do the Republicans. Right or wrong, that is what we both believe. Now, for the next four years, it is up the Democrats to convince the American public that they are right. But how do you pull somebody back to the good side of “the force”?....

•Show Americans how bad the Republicans are with the environment. I just hear Dems talk about it, give me specific examples and keep at it. Republicans aren’t going to look at this for themselves, if it isn’t in front of their face, they assume everything is fine. Don’t just say we are going to have a 10% fossil fuel reduction in 2038 or some other meaningless number, say we demand 10% now and 50% in two years. Go big!

•Keep out of big corporations pockets. Even if Democrats are in socially better pockets than Republicans, you can’t be hypocrites on this. Don’t give the “Dark Side” ammo (don’t give in to hate).

•Explain to everybody, plainly, how the deficit is adversely affecting us. It’s very easy for Republicans to ignore because they don’t see it being a problem. “Give me my tax cut, I don’t care how you do it.”

•Somehow people have to be reminded that we have a separation of Church and State in this country. We have somehow forgotten. Even Senator Palpatine (Star Wars character) didn’t call upon the Force when running for the Senate.

•Stop trying to be like a different version of the Republicans. You have to go your own way and show why it’s the best way (light sabers good, blasters bad).

Democrats must change. We can’t show up in 2008 with the same game. If we do, there may never be balance brought back to the Force.


I Can't Stop Looking At The Monkeys

Not that anybody has been waiting for it, but I will give a rundown on the Election results later.

I like to try and interject humor (I did say try) with my observations and I am just to bitter and afraid of what this country is going to be like after another four years of Bush polices, to interject humor--except for this...

LISTEN UP NETWORKS! For the love of all that is un-annoying TV watching, stop having news sets with windows that look out to the street where people are gathered around, looking to get on TV.

These people stand back there looking like jack-asses and I can't help but watch what they are doing. I start drifting away from what is being talked about and just look at the dorks in the back.

Why is this necessary? Are the ratings better when you have people in the background looking like monkeys as opposed to a non-monkey background?

I think the only way to stop this is if somebody does something real vulgar. I'm not sure if flipping the bird would be enough.

We need some full frontal nudity. While watching CNN, I saw a girl lift up her top enough to show some writing on her midsection. That was a step in the right direction, but I think maybe we need (and it pains me to say it) some slongs to peak out. Nothin that would make me feel inadequate mind you, just big enough that it could be seen on camera.

Maybe monkey size.