Don't Blame Me, Blame Kevin Smith

If anybody, unrelated to me, reads this blog on a regular basis -- What is wrong with you? There must be better ways to waste your time. Maybe re-setting your automatic sprinkler timer or something.

And if you actually enjoy my writing (or don't enjoy -- more likely) you have Kevin Smith to blame.

I only got interested in writing, mostly, because of Kevin. I really connected with his writing (screenwriting and comic book). I also thought it was really cool how he would use his friends in all his movies (wink wink Derek).

So one day, I got fired up and started writing unfinished screenplay's, lame blogs, and various stalkerish letters. I have only looked back like a couple dozen times since.

Speaking of Kevin Smith, here is a link to some really funny PSA's on registering and voting, that Kevin directed. They played on Comedy Central. If you missed them, check them out by clicking Kevin Smith PSA's.

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