I first thought about fascism when I saw the movie "Bull Durham". Crash Davis said that fastballs are "Boring and besides that they're fascist." I wasn't absolutely sure what fascism was, I just thought it had something to do with politics and telling everybody 'This is how it is, you have no choice in the matter.'

Now, you would think I learned about fascism in high school or something but I was to preoccupied with worrying that, at any moment, I might have to get up in front of the class while I still had a boner.

So with all of my worry over 'random wood', I think I missed the fascism lesson. So now I have found --thanks to Trent (still somehow single ladies). Email me and I will send you his picture-- a great piece on how we (America) have become a fascist country. No matter what your political view, read it with an open mind by clicking HERE!

Did you read it? No? Ahhh, come on, you can't look at porn 24/7. Take just a minute and learn something. Okay, if you read the fascism PDF, you can take a look at these two hot porn stars here!

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