I Can't Stop Looking At The Monkeys

Not that anybody has been waiting for it, but I will give a rundown on the Election results later.

I like to try and interject humor (I did say try) with my observations and I am just to bitter and afraid of what this country is going to be like after another four years of Bush polices, to interject humor--except for this...

LISTEN UP NETWORKS! For the love of all that is un-annoying TV watching, stop having news sets with windows that look out to the street where people are gathered around, looking to get on TV.

These people stand back there looking like jack-asses and I can't help but watch what they are doing. I start drifting away from what is being talked about and just look at the dorks in the back.

Why is this necessary? Are the ratings better when you have people in the background looking like monkeys as opposed to a non-monkey background?

I think the only way to stop this is if somebody does something real vulgar. I'm not sure if flipping the bird would be enough.

We need some full frontal nudity. While watching CNN, I saw a girl lift up her top enough to show some writing on her midsection. That was a step in the right direction, but I think maybe we need (and it pains me to say it) some slongs to peak out. Nothin that would make me feel inadequate mind you, just big enough that it could be seen on camera.

Maybe monkey size.

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