Oscar Flux

Here is a rundown of Audible Flux's Oscar picks (the bigins anyway). These are what I thought Oscar voters would choose, not what I would choose (if I had a vote, there would be way too many comic book inspired picks...WAY too many).

CINEMATOGRAPHY: I chose Robert Richardson for The Aviator--W.
EDITING: The Avitor wins and I picked Avitator--W.
SOUND MIXING: Ray takes it but I chose The Aviator--L. (I chose Ray first...really!)
COSTUME DESIGN: I took The Aviator and I chose wisely agian--W.
ANIMATED FEATURE: I wanted The Incredibles and so did the Oscar voters--W.
ORIGINAL SONG: "Learn To Be Lonely" is what I chose but they chose "Al Orto Lado"--L.
VISUAL EFFECTS: We both chose Spiderman2, finally my geek-boyness pays off--W.
SCREENPLAY (ORIGINAL): Again, the voters and I are the same: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Charlie Kaufman is a Genius!--W.
SCREENPLAY (ADAPTATION): I wanted Sideways but Chose Million Dollar Baby. Voters chose Sideways..Doh--L.
SUPPORTING ACTOR: At the last minute I changed from Morgan to Hayden Church--dumb move, they picked Morgan Freeman--L.
SUPPORTING ACTESS: Cate Blanchett takes Oscar just as I thought--W.
ACTOR: Big suprise, we both chose Jamie Fox--W.
ACTRESS: Hilary Swank is what Oscar voted for and what I picked (would've liked Kate to win though)--W.
DIRECTOR: I thought they might finally throw Martin a bone but Clint gets the bone--W.
BEST PICTURE: Million Dollar Baby...baby--W.

AUDIBLE FLUX'S RECORD: 11-4. If I only would've gone to Vegas and picked the right one for a parlay. I did get a "Heat" special edition DVD out of it though--thanks Trent, I'm waiting at my mailbox right now.


Pay Me No Mind

Crap crap crap, I am just spinin' my wheels.
Crap crap crap, can't write something meaningful.
Crap crap crap, this is just being lazy.
Crap crap crap, just good at writing a load of nothing.
Crap crap crap, do I really not have enough time?
Crap crap crap, always feel like I should be writing something else, something that isn't CRAP!


A Geeky Scene

Yet another draft of the scene I posted from a short I'm trying to write "Ready Eddie". It's now back to being called "Geek" and is still creating way to much work, for very little results. Please feel free to leave me some comments, GOOD AND BAD, so I can then go back and waste more time on it.



Two guys, ED (a hip-geek in his twenties) and his friend SAM,
are looking at Ed's walls which are filled with comics and
action figures (all still in their original boxes).

This has to be the dorkiest room on
the west coast.

Come on, you have action figures.

Had, had them when I was eleven.

Sam takes a hard look at a Star Wars action figure of Natalie

You do realize that it won't be
long till Val makes you take this
shit down?

No she won't. When she moved in, I
told her she could do whatever with
the house, just as long as I had my
room still. She was fine with that.

Dude, just give her time.

She's not like that.

They're all like that. And once
you give in and she has control of
the house, then, soon after, she
will get control of you.

Ed rolls his eyes at Sam.

I'm serious, it will happen. I
speak from experience.

Yea, you are pretty whipped.

Maybe so, but it's not too late for
you. You can still stop it, keep

I'm not worried.

(in a Yoda voice)
You will be.


Zero Miles To The Gallon

Not that any of you regular readers need reminding but I am a big geek. Comics, movies, sports, the list goes on and on. Even with normal things I can find a geeky angle. I have the "geek gene".

So in keeping with that, I came across a video clip (courtesy of a poster on the ViewAskew message board) of the Batmobile roaming around town and being filmed for the upcoming Batman Begins movie.
It's a home movie from a couple guys standing around watching the filming.

Click here:batman.mov and check it out. Give it a few minutes to download.

You have now filled your "geek quota" for the day.