Oscar Flux

Here is a rundown of Audible Flux's Oscar picks (the bigins anyway). These are what I thought Oscar voters would choose, not what I would choose (if I had a vote, there would be way too many comic book inspired picks...WAY too many).

CINEMATOGRAPHY: I chose Robert Richardson for The Aviator--W.
EDITING: The Avitor wins and I picked Avitator--W.
SOUND MIXING: Ray takes it but I chose The Aviator--L. (I chose Ray first...really!)
COSTUME DESIGN: I took The Aviator and I chose wisely agian--W.
ANIMATED FEATURE: I wanted The Incredibles and so did the Oscar voters--W.
ORIGINAL SONG: "Learn To Be Lonely" is what I chose but they chose "Al Orto Lado"--L.
VISUAL EFFECTS: We both chose Spiderman2, finally my geek-boyness pays off--W.
SCREENPLAY (ORIGINAL): Again, the voters and I are the same: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Charlie Kaufman is a Genius!--W.
SCREENPLAY (ADAPTATION): I wanted Sideways but Chose Million Dollar Baby. Voters chose Sideways..Doh--L.
SUPPORTING ACTOR: At the last minute I changed from Morgan to Hayden Church--dumb move, they picked Morgan Freeman--L.
SUPPORTING ACTESS: Cate Blanchett takes Oscar just as I thought--W.
ACTOR: Big suprise, we both chose Jamie Fox--W.
ACTRESS: Hilary Swank is what Oscar voted for and what I picked (would've liked Kate to win though)--W.
DIRECTOR: I thought they might finally throw Martin a bone but Clint gets the bone--W.
BEST PICTURE: Million Dollar Baby...baby--W.

AUDIBLE FLUX'S RECORD: 11-4. If I only would've gone to Vegas and picked the right one for a parlay. I did get a "Heat" special edition DVD out of it though--thanks Trent, I'm waiting at my mailbox right now.

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