Yes, the new FORUM is in full force but has yet to catch on. I think the lack of posting messages in the forum is because people don't want to look like "geeks" or maybe they have something "better to do" or actually have a "life".

Yea, I get it. You don't have "time" to post about Star Wars or the A's pitching staff, when Britney Spears is going to pose nude for Playboy, how good the MVP 2005 is, or even talk Wiffleball.

Shame on you for having a "life".

Well I don't have a life so come with me to post in the Audible Flux/FWL FORUM. A new writers section has been started so if you write blogs or write anything, come on in.

If you are a writer who doesn't want to talk about writing and just wants to talk about Wookiees, we got that for you too!



Road Raged

"Move your fuckin' new Cadi' ya son-of-a-bitch!" That's what I told the guy in front of me at the Shaw-n-Van Ness Citibank drive-thru ATM (actually, I just said it to myself but I'm sure the dude was getin' the 'vibe' I was throwin'). This guy was driving a brand new Cadillac somethin'-er-another and he was taking to damn long at the ATM.

[Don't ya just hate it when people decide to do a year's worth of banking...at the ATM?!]

I really wasn't pissed at the Cadi-man, it's just fun to get pissed at somebody who's driving a nicer car than yours. That's really how I define my road-rage; what kind of car the person is driving.

It's less about the other driver's egregious traffic error and more about the person who did it and how snobish their car is.

So if somebody is driving a grossly oversized SUV or a Porsche and they are from say sixteen to sixty years old and don't look like they can kick my ass, they are getting a tongue lashing; something like, "Hey ya Son-of-a-cock-fucker!"

Now, if the person is driving a midsized or a pick-up, maybe something cool but not self-important, I'm a little more willing to let driving errors slide. It's not as fun to cuss out a like-car-owner - they might be a cool person who just 'spaced' for a second.

There is no way somebody in some arrogant-ass car is a 'cool person' or just 'spaced'; they're just a cock-fucker...right?



Well I hope this new FLUX FORUM won't be useless. I have created [Well I didn't exactly 'create', I just signed up] a new FORUM for this blog.

Please feel free to go there and discuss anything that's going on, what I've been writing about, how I suck or post a picture of you're ex. nude.

Go check the shat out, become a member and start posting now, by clicking AUDIBLE FLUX FORUM



I have a love hate relationship with movie trailers. I always enjoy watching them but hate it when they reveal too much. The new Star Wars trailer personifies this love hate.

I know I shouldn't but I can't not watch the new Episode III trailer. It's so bad-ass but It makes me so pissed because it gives the whole movie away. Yes, I already know what basically happens but the trailer really spells it out.

The trailer does do it's job though - I can't wait to see the friggin movie. If you want to see the trailer go ahead and click HERE!

But if you don't like spoilers, I suggest you don't. So so damn discipline, unlike me.


Writing Is Stupid

I constantly feel guilty when I'm not writing. I don't know if it's because I'm Catholic or I should really just feel guilty. Before I started writing (trying to anyway) I didn't feel guilty all the time - Or did I?

There is always something else I should be doing. Like visiting my grandma or going to the dentist or cleaning the garage. Death, taxes and GUILT, should be the saying.

Even when I'm working hard, having a root canal, taking a drive with my grandma, I'm thinking how my house needs a new roof and the bathroom needs new tile.

The good and bad thing about writing is, you feel like you're accomplishing something, (even when you aren't) so the voices-of-guilt quite down briefly.
Except that now I'm thinking I should be working on my screenplay and not writing a dopey blog.

It's a vicious cycle...I've gotta go and call my grandma now.