Writing Is Stupid

I constantly feel guilty when I'm not writing. I don't know if it's because I'm Catholic or I should really just feel guilty. Before I started writing (trying to anyway) I didn't feel guilty all the time - Or did I?

There is always something else I should be doing. Like visiting my grandma or going to the dentist or cleaning the garage. Death, taxes and GUILT, should be the saying.

Even when I'm working hard, having a root canal, taking a drive with my grandma, I'm thinking how my house needs a new roof and the bathroom needs new tile.

The good and bad thing about writing is, you feel like you're accomplishing something, (even when you aren't) so the voices-of-guilt quite down briefly.
Except that now I'm thinking I should be working on my screenplay and not writing a dopey blog.

It's a vicious cycle...I've gotta go and call my grandma now.

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