Dorktown/Audible Flux Podcast #1

We have done it (doesn't matter how half-ass it is), the first Podcast is out there for the whole world to not give a damn.

Download the file: Dorktowncast1.mp3 and listen to the first show. Old friend Aaron Ford is moving away from Fresno and he reminisces about his moves from Fresno, old Fresno schools, jobs and watering holes.

Thanks for listening and if you have something to say about the show, please email me at mike@dorktown.net or call our voicemail at 559-224-2483.

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Bryan Zera said...

Fun times. I'll be on the lookout for volume 2.

Mike Seay said...

Thanks Bryan. Lookin' like Friday the 17th will be #2.

Bryan Zera said...

What is on the menu for podcast #2?

Mike Seay said...

Pod #2 should have a battle between "The City" and Fresno and more dorky Fresno talk.

Anonymous said...

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