Dive Bar Love (Dorktown Podcast 6)

This show is why I love podcasting. If you have ever gone to your local "dive bar", for any reason, you will probably like this show. It's a long one (39:29), but, you get to hear such things as: Fresno "dive bar" history, Bon Jovi Karaoke, bar nudity, girl fights, Square Cal Fun Bar, bathroom sex, KRZR "Front Row" bashing, Checkers Melting Pot, drinking in bars at 6:00 in the morn....ah hell, just download it please.
Dorktown Show Six.mp3

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aaron said...

I want to F*ck you was at the STARDUST C. Get it right or I will have to reveal some of your darkest ghetto nights to the wiffle poscast universe! I will start with Michelle Jeffries! Remember her?!?

Mike Seay said...

Fukin' Jeffries?! You Som Batch! I had just got her out of my head, you know, I'm over her you know! Yep, don't give a....wait, have you talked to her lately or something? Did she ask about me? Did she Ford? Did she fuckin' ask about ME? FUUUUCK!