One Long Drunk

Man, you can't stop a long podcast, you can only hope to contain it. Contain it we did not. This Dorktown Podcast broke all kinds of time records (laughs and time) - hopefully it was worth it.

Derek Snyder joins Mikie and Bells as they relive Derek's Fresno radio days (KFSR and KMJ's Raidio Tradio). Also, the Dorktown boys check in on a supposed Scorpions show at Fresno Fair's Paul Paul theatre. Fresno Famous' promo is played.

Then it gets real ugly as the guys' buzzes take over the show and it just turns messy. But they do mange to play a LYRIC GAME and a OR GAME with Derek.

Please just take a few minutes and download the mother! We've never laughed so damn much! Dorkshow14.mp3 (52:21)(explicit)
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The Wait is Over - Show 13

(Bells [above] says FU)

We've been gone a while but we're back with: Show 13 Dorks.mp3

-Bells gives a backstage breakdown of the System Of A Down/The Mars Volta Fresno show.
-Save Mart suites rule.
-An Oakland U2 concert update from Ford and D, and it sounds like shit.
-Volta's afros are real!
-Another shit-cell-phone update from the U2 show in Oaktown.
-Dave Childers doesn't like Liberal rants.
-Has Fresno hit concert overload?
-Ford and U2 try to check-in again as Bells proclaims he is the Fresno Wiffle King.
-Fresno band PINKEYE is played.
-The debut of the Lyric Game as Becky joins Mikie and Bells (Even though you can't hear her).
-Dorktown Radio says no to BASS PRO in Downtown Fresno - Hunters ain't goin' to the Fulton Mall.

-The Mcrib is back...time to puke!
-New Rock 104's former DJ,The Rev, is on KRZR now and Bells doesn't care.
-Fresno's latest podcast The Old 1-2 is good.
-Bells mimics concert cell phone calls and we say thank you and good night to:
Fresno Famous, Trent Seay and all the fine listeners.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Show 13 Dorks.mp3

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