One Long Drunk

Man, you can't stop a long podcast, you can only hope to contain it. Contain it we did not. This Dorktown Podcast broke all kinds of time records (laughs and time) - hopefully it was worth it.

Derek Snyder joins Mikie and Bells as they relive Derek's Fresno radio days (KFSR and KMJ's Raidio Tradio). Also, the Dorktown boys check in on a supposed Scorpions show at Fresno Fair's Paul Paul theatre. Fresno Famous' promo is played.

Then it gets real ugly as the guys' buzzes take over the show and it just turns messy. But they do mange to play a LYRIC GAME and a OR GAME with Derek.

Please just take a few minutes and download the mother! We've never laughed so damn much! Dorkshow14.mp3 (52:21)(explicit)
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n.l. said...

The lyric game is hilarious...

You guys need to do a podcast ala Mystery Science theatre, only you're watching porn that mimics popular movies...

Do you have any idea how hard it is to sit in a conservative corporate job juring the day listening to your podcast on headphones and keep a straight face?

Mike Seay said...

MST3000 style podcast. That's a damn good idea.

Yes, we're making somebody laugh when they shouldn't - I couldn't ask for a better comment.