Dorktown Is Fifteen

Bells and Mikie welcome back to Dorktown...Aaron Ford.

Aaron gives a La Selva Beach update as the listeners get an LA King game update.

Aerosmith is coming to Fresno and Van Halen fans are not amused.

We have our first Dorktown Line (559-224-2483) call, really "unplanned". It just happens to be Mikie's cousin and screenwriter Trenton Seay. He helps the boys talk Star Wars and old Fresno movie theaters. Bells gives Mikie shit about having nu-metal CDs and Trent can't remember an old Fresno girlfriend.

A new Dorktown game debuts called TAGLINE.

Fresno's podcasting scene is getting big...big.

Why are WE still podcasting?

Fresno State football...we're off the bandwagon. Timeout is badass on EA's NCAA Football.

The Village at Fashion Fair is open.

Podcasting is hard to do sober -- We should have drank the Mad Dog.

We go out playing "Flowing's" promo.

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