Where Have All The Figs Gone?--Show 17

Remember when Fresno had these things called Fig Orchards? Mike, Derek and Aaron remember how they threw dirt-clods at passing cars from them.

"Producer" Becky tries to get them to wrap-it-up. Bells is not "in studio" and won't even answer his phone.

Palm and Bullard 7-11 is party central - so are the Californians.

Fig Gig. Air Guitar at Fresno State had moshpits.

The Fresno Intersection Game is played - Do you know where your Citibanks are? Derek starts an impromptu OR GAME (Stratomatic rules).

Bakersfield author "N.L." leaves Dorktown a message and Mike confuses it with Steve Martin's.

DOWNLOAD THE SHOW! palmandbullard.mp3
(Show 17 "The Fig Show" [even though it will say 16xmas])


n.l. said...

God I sounded dumb.... I need to call from a better phone and curse more... more 'F' bombs!

Thanks for including my ranting phone call...

Great show! My kids and I loved the part about the dirt clods...

I definitely had both Ataris, intellivision, Colecovision... hated how the intellivision controllers ate away my thumbs... I think I still have blisters.


n.l. said...

Entire episode of the Buck City Podcast dedicated to Mikie and Bells!


n.l. said...

And even another senseless plug: