Dorkisode 37: Famous Sellouts

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Here we are again. Please download this one: dorkcast37.mp3. Or just press play and hang-out:

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The great Fresno Famous debate. Did Fresno Famous sellout?

Bells and Mikey rampage on another Fresno podcast - don't tell anyone.

Hot Fresno girl band gets some play: Rose Line - thanks to Sound Pollution

We found out what Chris Daniels and Brad have been up too: The Grey Area

The most Famous Fresno "old Fresno" discussion ever!

What do you want to hear and see from us in 2007? Email Mikey or
Bells and tell the idiots. Or call 559-224-2483.

dorkcast37.mp3 [40:22]


Podcast 36: Grog Dorks

Download this show: Podcast36.mp3 [48:56] - yep, it's a longin. If you don't like downloading, just hang and listen to the show on our Odeo player below.

Bells dissing C's CD collection

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You will be hearing stuff like this:

-There are some new Fresno podcasts: Redwave Podcast and Dixiecast - we rip the hell out of their Fresno hating asses.
-High Horse comes back. C rips on people that...rip Fresno.
-Fresno/'Frisco and all of California's enviroments.
-Bells is pissed-off about Adam Carolla talking all kinds of Fresno.
-"Live" remote from new Fresno/Clovis bar, Grogs.
-Fresno DUI Checkpoints rule all other cities.
-Sounds Of Fresno game returns.
-Another Grogs pub remote.
-Coach Manchu calls the Dorkline - 559-224-2483.
-Dave Childers lights-up the Dorkline with big news about the Fresno Bee's "Get Out" monthly.
-Post your pictures to the new: Dorktown Picture Pool!!
-C is a weirdo.
-It is the Fonzy Eeeehhhhhss: Joel, Fresno Bee Hive, Hectic Films, Tony D', 80's Oakland A's pitchers, Heros Comics, Kevin Smith and Mallrats...
-Keep your head up for the Pod-a-Thon on podcast 37.
-Another Grogs remote.


Town. Dorktown. Podcast 35

As always, be very careful before listening to the show, it is filled with vulgarity. Not for children or even dogs ears: Download Podcast35.mp3

>Trent returns to represent Phoenix and compete for a whole FIVE DOLLARS, in James Bond trivia.
>Bells does our first live commercial. Make sure to Email Mikey if you want to sponsor Dorktown - I'd highly advise against that but...what the hell.
>A new brother podcast of Dorktown -
Falcons Cast - is now out.
>There will be an upcoming podcast-a-thon (show 37 probably) for Dorktown.
>Bryan Zera of All Good Things sits down to have a nice talk about life and Fresno and play an Or Game with Mikey at a Fresno Falcons game.
>Pat Hill's Fu-manchu calls the Dorktown listener line (559-224-2483) to cuss-out Mikey's beard, request dollar bills for Golddiggers and talk about how he "got" Stacy Johnson K. - sorry for the bad audio.
>Give out the Eeeeeeehhhhhsssss.
>A pissed-off call back.


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Dorktown 34: Atomic Dork

Download this now: AtomicCast34.mp3 and you will hear bad audio with things like:

-Is KRZR going away???
-Borat movie is taking over all of Fresno.
-Illegal Edwards theatre audio.
-Steve Perry albums.
-The Atomic Punks sound dead on VH in San Dieg. The audio goes to hell. Can you hear anybody talking? I can't.
-Should Van Halen be in the Hall Of Fame with Gary?
-K-Fed gets kicked out. Dorktown wrote about it: Chech it here!
-Dorktown has a YouTube Dorktown Channel
-Dorktown Odeo Channel.
-Give out the Eeeeeehhhhsssss.

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Podcast 33: San Diego drunk dorks

Don't download this show if you don't like hearing the "F" word or listening to drunk fools. If you're okay with that, try downloading this: SanDiegoDorks.mp3

Here is what to expect after downloading:

-Four drunks.
-Dorktown travels to San Diego to appease a listener.
-Memories of The Green House...sorta.
-An attempt at a Fresno State football discussion.
-A drunkin' breakdown.
-On air squabbling.
-Show starts to implode.
-Tower Records memories.
-The host has a breakdown.
-More attempts at a Tower discussion.
-The worst Fonzy Ehhhhhhsss ever.

If you don't want to download the show, try using our player:

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*Email Bells: Write to Bells
*Email MikeyC: MikeyC

Email Ford
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Borat is a Dork - Episode 32

Content is rude and language is raw, if you're okay with that then download this:

-Live ("live" meaning taped) from Curry Village, Bells goes down.
-Out of town Dorktown listeners write in to bitch.
-SoCal, OrCal and FresCal.
-I hope you wake-up with...
-Yosemite Valley report: COPS CURRY VILLAGE.
-Dorktown has a new Youtube channel: Dorktown Channel
-Top five Taco Bells in Fresno.
-The Big..big...BIG...BiG Fresno Fair.
-Fresno Famous segment gets pushed back.
-Dorktown gets out with the Eeeeehhhhhsss.
-Atwater produces.
-Fresno Falcon reports are coming on this damn podcast.

boratdork32.mp3 [30:26]


Dorktown Podcast: Drunkisode 31

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You gots to waits for this download; it's long and drunk episodedork31.mp3 (52:40).

Just click it and wait for the download...it's long. But don't listen to it at work unless you have headphones cause there is a lot of RAW LANGUAGE! There WILL be a point where you'll get disgusted.

-You've Got The Ass comes back.
-We can't hear Bells and C is too loud...is this a good or bad thing? It's bad, we can't hear Bells...not having a sound engineer sucks.
-Chris Daniels references.
-Bells is still single.
-C challenges people to get nude.
-Sound Pollution doesn't lie.
-The Police reunite in Fresno?

-Devoya Mayo gets her Dorktown Podcast interview - too bad it's in the middle of this drunkcast. Devoya hosts Fresno's best radio show Move On Up (located on 88.1, 7:00 pm every Friday), you really should listen.

-George's monkey is set free.
-West and Sheilds stories.
-Dry Hump King of Bullard High.

-The "OR GAME" is back in a strong way.

-The Fonzie Eeeeeeehhhhhssss.

episodedork31.mp3 (52:40)
Or try our new player:

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Dorktown 30: South Lake Fresno

Nobody really wanted us to make it to show 30, but we did. Just click on: dorktownis30.mp3 [36.05] and wait for the download.

**As per most our shows, this show has a WARNING: FOUL CONTENT (excessive use of the "P" word).

-Everybody's getting laid in the Tower District but us.
-Email BELLS or C with show thoughts.
-The Mars Volta and Red Hot Chili Peppers come to Fresno and Dorktown was there.
-Selland's better than Save Mart.
-No more beer at Fresno State games.
-The Greek Festival has no food.
-Song break: Populus with "The Night."
-Audio from Bells' weekend at South Lake Tahoe.
-Move On Up has been goin' for three years.

(dorktownis30.mp3 [36.05])


Tool Dorks - Podcast 29

Fresno Dorks, Tool Dorks, Wookiee Dorks, all should download this:tooldorks.mp3 (35:32)

Here is a small example of what you'll find (as always, listen for the foul language):

-It’s all outdoors.
-David Lee Roth deletes Dorktown?
-No, Los Angeles, YOU SUCK!
-A Point Break 2: Bohdi Lives script is on the way.
-Shotguns and Vodka.
-Meet up at The Badission.
-A way too complete Tool concert rundown.
-A lot of crotch talk.
-Classic Fresno train sounds.
-Until April finally gets played on dorktown.net
-Beer is cooler than Chad.
-Guess who gets a Fonzy Eeeeehhhhh?
-Show 30, will it be better?


Check Out Our Odeo Channel

Just posting to my Odeo channel
Episode 28: episode28belardes.mp3

My Odeo Channel (odeo/c1578702673f33d5) (click the 'My Odeo Channel' and make it easy to listen to our show)


Episode 28: Don't Make Fun of Fresno or Bako

Episode 28: episode28belardes.mp3(45:04) (click the mp3 file to download)

The in the face language starts us off.

Bells Try's to decipher some KFSR Armenian.

Nobody's having sex in Fresno's heat.

New Dorktown game: SOUNDS OF FRESNO
Beat Bells at identifying Fresno "sounds."

Fresno karaoke with gunshots in the Quigley District.

Finally, Mr. NL Belardes gets an interview with Dorktown. We rundown stuff like: Nick vs. Bako media, Bakersfield: Life as it Should Be, independent journalists vs. paid journalists, grass fires on Highway 99, Fresno Famous is mimicked by the Fresno Bee, Fresno Falcon blog off, Fresno and Bakersfield both get ripped by Los Angeles, N.L. has a Film Festival going on about his book and Fresno is invited.

Podcasting sucks without Bells.

Fresno podcasting report: Mike Oz Podcast, news on Flowing With Famous and Libation.

C gets on his HIGH HORSE: Hear the final minutes of the Dale Julin Show (A DORKTOWN EXCLUSIVE!!)

Giving out them Fonzy Eeeeeeeh's: Fresno Famous bloggers, Piper, Clerks II, Borat, Dorktown My Space, The Same Shape





-Ghana rules the World Cup.
-Fresno's Bean Dip questions Mikie's sexuality.
-Tool is coming back.
-The premier of "The Three And Two" (a couple of nerds [Trent and Mikie] talking Star Wars)
-Somebody dropped an F-Bomb on KMJ.
-Rocky mountain dorks.
-The Intersection Game comes back.
-What's your favorite Fresno Biznitch?
-New Roeding Park bathroom.
-A new Fresno artist, Shon J, gets some Dorktown love.
-KRZR gets ripped again.
-Where is Flowing With Famous?
-The Fonzy Eeehhhhhssss and the Fonz thumbs down - the actress that does the commercials for The Dale Julian Show is terrible.

-Our Space



Bigfoot Nude - Show 26

Have you learned yet to listen to this show with headphones or with no kiddies or bosses around? Well, that's what you should do after you download this: bigfootnudeshow26.mp3

Some shows click and some shows DON'T. There is not a lot of "clicking" in this show - they can't all be gems. Expect to hear hosts Bells (Zohrab) and C (Mike)talk about this:

-Mr. Rude Welcomings.
-Madonna stays in Fresno.
-Bells calls-out K-Fed.
-Sudz-N-The-City gets reviewed.
-Clovis people suck.
-Portland vs. Fresno.
-whitey is all over Portland.
-Pinkeye gives Dorktown a song break. Find them @ Greytank.
-Bigfoot loves the Sierra's and whisky.
-Contributing Dork, Aaron Ford, calls in to discuss the Fresno Wiffleball Leauge making an appearance at the Fastplastic wiffleball tournament in San Jose.
-Fresno Famous readers talk about how great Fresno is.
-C can't give out Ehhhhhhhhhhh's properly (The Fresno Falcons net streaches across the "pond" - Hi Leah!)
-All Good Things plays the boys out with Jonny and Max Rude.
- David Lee Roth is Dorktown's friend.

bigfootnudeshow26.mp3 44:13


You Got The Cash? SHOW 25

-Yes, you will want to download this: FamousShow25.mp3 (just click and wait). Here's what you'll be listening for:

-Fresno's worst band, Chewbacca and The Rhythm Wookies, debuts a new "song".

-Show 24 sucked?

-We have too many listeners; take them from us Sound Pollution.

-Dorktown's My Space gets discussed.

-The most Famous listener EVER calls the Dorktown line.

-Smalltown Girls want to give us a nickel.

-Our new favorite Fresno band The Same Shape gets its Dorktown debut - go see them now!

-Fresno State Baseball players drink-it-up at La Tech.

-The Red Hot Mars Volta is coming to Selland Arena.

-Nick Belardes doesn't like Save Mart Center

-A new Tool album review.

-Yep, givin' out the EEEHHHHHH'sssss.

-More of the new Rhythm Wookies song: "If You've Got The Ass, I've Got The Cash".


Call Us Tonight

We're recording show 25 tonight, during the 10:00 hour (Fresno time). If you want to get on the show "live", call 559-224-2483 and we might pick up.



It's the Makshift Show 24, download this: makeshiftshow24.mp3

-A sober beginning
-Fresno band All Good Things gets some Dorktown playtime.
-Thank you Move On Up - Mikie sucks at hosting real radio shows.
-Bells calls the Dorktown line (559-224-2483)
-The rudest and most sexual "Or Game" EVER!!!! Don't listen without headphones. We're not real proud. (Sorry for the terrible audio during this segment.)
-Thank you:Nl Belardes
Smalltown Girls
Fresno Famous

-Adults download me: makeshiftshow24.mp3



It may be unfortunate, but the show is back. Be careful of language and download the show: show23autrystyle.mp3

What are you downloading?

-A partial "Taste Of Chaos" tour review.
-Pearl Jam discussion.
-Secret Mayor Autry audio.
-Nude Fresno magazine.
-Armenian singing.
-Fresno concert scene is live.
-Crack or Madonna?
-Check out Dorktown's lame My Space
-Kevin Smith's the man.
-Smack C upside the head.
-Mikey is hosting Move On Up on April 14th @ 7:00 PM
-Can the FCC fuck with Bells?

**Hey listeners, check out our Amazon Thingy from 'cast23. If you click through and buy something, we get like a whole NICKLE 'n shit. If only "Drinkin' With Lincoln" was still around.


Show 22 Is All Chuck Norris and myspace

When you're dealing with podcasts, sometimes things don't work out the way you'd hoped. This is sometime.

We started out SHOW22.MP3 with a great interview with Mr. Bakersfield Nick Belardes, then we moved on to caller Aaron Ford. Unfortunately, you'll never get to hear that. I, Mike Seay, completely screwed that up by clicking the wrong podcast button and erasing the first two-thirds of the show.

But you do get to listen to the last third as I can't stand myself and Bell's keeps reciting Chuck Norris facts. Download it, it's one piece of somethin'.


In the meantime, why not go buy Nick's book so you can join in on the disscussion a little when we have him back on. Or check out our new
MY SPACE page and be our friend.



It's the Oscar show. Download this: show21.mp3 [51:33] It'll take a while to download. We don't like going that long but it had to happen. What was discussed?

-Trent Seay calls the Dorkline from Chandler, Arizona and goes over his Oscar picks with "The Bells" and Mikie. Stay with the boys, they think they know something about movies but they...well, they just don't.

-Fresno talk about the New Valley Times and Bells and Mikie give some idea's to Creative Fresno. How about a nudist park? Canal surfing? More sex clubs? Yao Ming in Fresno?

-We actually have a new listener? More Bullard Knights!

-Dorktown's the official ex-Fresnan podcast; we had a tornado dudes.

-A Bells planned "Or Game" - it's Fresno related and calmer than you are.

-Givin' out the EEeeeehhhhhhhhssss - Did you get one?


Show 20...Milestones

Rude and explicit, it's show 20. Only adults should click: SHOW 20.mp3 and wait for the RUDE download. Listen for:

-A code for Korn tickets?
-Bells gives a Vegas report (podcasters get no respect).
-A look back at some older Dorktown shows - FEATURING TERRIBLE AUDIO!
-Mr. Rude commercial.
-HIGH HORSE segment.
-Nobody cares about C's new Fresno Falcons Blog.
-Givin' out the Fonzy Eeeehhhhhhhsss.

**Subscribe to us through iTunes

Use the code number from this show, along with codes given in three podcasts hosted by Nick Belardes (click to find more info). Once you listen to the four designated podcasts, you will email Nick at noveltown@noveltown.net with the correct "codes". First one to do so get two tickets to Korn.



DORKTOWN has teamed up with the Bako writer/podcaster/badass Nick Belardes to give YOU a chance to win tickets to see Korn kick off their world tour in Bakersfield.

A special code number will be given in the next Dorktown podcast (show 20 or a special emergency show in the next couple days), along with codes given in three podcasts hosted by Nick Belardes (click to find more info). Once you listen to the designated podcast, you will email Nick at noveltown@noveltown.net with the correct "codes". First one to do so get two tickets to Korn.

More news and podcasts to come.



Download this: SHOW 19 (WARNING - Adult type themes and such)

Download it so you can hear:
-Graciela Moreno reports on C's nudeness.
-The Stanley Cup in Fresno.
-"Libation" is the latest Fresno Podcast.
-Bell's saw a Carls JR. power play.
-C's High Horse: Orchard Park.
-Rejuvenate the Forestiere Underground Gardens...With sex clubs?
-Fresno's too damn spread out.
-The boys call up some strippers and don't fool anybody...Toy Shows Maaann.
-NEW SEGMENT: "Played or Propa" Is Kopi played out? "Lost"? Big Wheels? Pat Hill's Fumancu?
-The EEHHHHHH'S are given out.



Show 18 Loves Bakersfield?

Bells and C (Mikie) are back with their Fresno podcast way. Download this: Show 18 Warning! Adult Content...content.

-Happy New Bells Years.
-Wiffleball news.
-Run wild in the Figs Bells.
-Pete "The Truck Guy" found us and he has a gun.
-Dorktown reviews Fresno bar The Dirty Olive.
-NEW SEGMENT: C's High Horse.
-NL Belardes gives us a ECHL rivalry report.
-Pat Hill a Ram.
-Famous Bullard Knights (sorry Jarah).
-Fresno Famous will let anybody ruin their site.
-NEW SEGMENT: Armenian class is in session.
-OR GAME: Bells stole condoms...kinda.
-Get Fuzzy gone from the Bee.
-NEW SEGMENT: Fonzy EEhhhhhhhh's

Get your voice on the show by calling Dorktown at 559-224-2483 (24/7) and leaving a message.

(thanks to the good folks at Money Shot for the Dork Hotel pic)