Download this: SHOW 19 (WARNING - Adult type themes and such)

Download it so you can hear:
-Graciela Moreno reports on C's nudeness.
-The Stanley Cup in Fresno.
-"Libation" is the latest Fresno Podcast.
-Bell's saw a Carls JR. power play.
-C's High Horse: Orchard Park.
-Rejuvenate the Forestiere Underground Gardens...With sex clubs?
-Fresno's too damn spread out.
-The boys call up some strippers and don't fool anybody...Toy Shows Maaann.
-NEW SEGMENT: "Played or Propa" Is Kopi played out? "Lost"? Big Wheels? Pat Hill's Fumancu?
-The EEHHHHHH'S are given out.



Show 18 Loves Bakersfield?

Bells and C (Mikie) are back with their Fresno podcast way. Download this: Show 18 Warning! Adult Content...content.

-Happy New Bells Years.
-Wiffleball news.
-Run wild in the Figs Bells.
-Pete "The Truck Guy" found us and he has a gun.
-Dorktown reviews Fresno bar The Dirty Olive.
-NEW SEGMENT: C's High Horse.
-NL Belardes gives us a ECHL rivalry report.
-Pat Hill a Ram.
-Famous Bullard Knights (sorry Jarah).
-Fresno Famous will let anybody ruin their site.
-NEW SEGMENT: Armenian class is in session.
-OR GAME: Bells stole condoms...kinda.
-Get Fuzzy gone from the Bee.
-NEW SEGMENT: Fonzy EEhhhhhhhh's

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