It's the Oscar show. Download this: show21.mp3 [51:33] It'll take a while to download. We don't like going that long but it had to happen. What was discussed?

-Trent Seay calls the Dorkline from Chandler, Arizona and goes over his Oscar picks with "The Bells" and Mikie. Stay with the boys, they think they know something about movies but they...well, they just don't.

-Fresno talk about the New Valley Times and Bells and Mikie give some idea's to Creative Fresno. How about a nudist park? Canal surfing? More sex clubs? Yao Ming in Fresno?

-We actually have a new listener? More Bullard Knights!

-Dorktown's the official ex-Fresnan podcast; we had a tornado dudes.

-A Bells planned "Or Game" - it's Fresno related and calmer than you are.

-Givin' out the EEeeeehhhhhhhhssss - Did you get one?

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n.l. said...

I got an 'A'?? I got a double 'A'??! Holy shizzle!

Hey you punks need a lesson from the Smalltown Girls about how to do the Academy Award thing...

Tell 'THE Bells' to curse more. The show's high energy rocks when he says: $@^%#&!!!

And I get to be on the show???


Let's talk conspiracy!