Episode 28: Don't Make Fun of Fresno or Bako

Episode 28: episode28belardes.mp3(45:04) (click the mp3 file to download)

The in the face language starts us off.

Bells Try's to decipher some KFSR Armenian.

Nobody's having sex in Fresno's heat.

New Dorktown game: SOUNDS OF FRESNO
Beat Bells at identifying Fresno "sounds."

Fresno karaoke with gunshots in the Quigley District.

Finally, Mr. NL Belardes gets an interview with Dorktown. We rundown stuff like: Nick vs. Bako media, Bakersfield: Life as it Should Be, independent journalists vs. paid journalists, grass fires on Highway 99, Fresno Famous is mimicked by the Fresno Bee, Fresno Falcon blog off, Fresno and Bakersfield both get ripped by Los Angeles, N.L. has a Film Festival going on about his book and Fresno is invited.

Podcasting sucks without Bells.

Fresno podcasting report: Mike Oz Podcast, news on Flowing With Famous and Libation.

C gets on his HIGH HORSE: Hear the final minutes of the Dale Julin Show (A DORKTOWN EXCLUSIVE!!)

Giving out them Fonzy Eeeeeeeh's: Fresno Famous bloggers, Piper, Clerks II, Borat, Dorktown My Space, The Same Shape