Tool Dorks - Podcast 29

Fresno Dorks, Tool Dorks, Wookiee Dorks, all should download this:tooldorks.mp3 (35:32)

Here is a small example of what you'll find (as always, listen for the foul language):

-It’s all outdoors.
-David Lee Roth deletes Dorktown?
-No, Los Angeles, YOU SUCK!
-A Point Break 2: Bohdi Lives script is on the way.
-Shotguns and Vodka.
-Meet up at The Badission.
-A way too complete Tool concert rundown.
-A lot of crotch talk.
-Classic Fresno train sounds.
-Until April finally gets played on dorktown.net
-Beer is cooler than Chad.
-Guess who gets a Fonzy Eeeeehhhhh?
-Show 30, will it be better?


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