Dorktown Podcast: Drunkisode 31

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You gots to waits for this download; it's long and drunk episodedork31.mp3 (52:40).

Just click it and wait for the download...it's long. But don't listen to it at work unless you have headphones cause there is a lot of RAW LANGUAGE! There WILL be a point where you'll get disgusted.

-You've Got The Ass comes back.
-We can't hear Bells and C is too loud...is this a good or bad thing? It's bad, we can't hear Bells...not having a sound engineer sucks.
-Chris Daniels references.
-Bells is still single.
-C challenges people to get nude.
-Sound Pollution doesn't lie.
-The Police reunite in Fresno?

-Devoya Mayo gets her Dorktown Podcast interview - too bad it's in the middle of this drunkcast. Devoya hosts Fresno's best radio show Move On Up (located on 88.1, 7:00 pm every Friday), you really should listen.

-George's monkey is set free.
-West and Sheilds stories.
-Dry Hump King of Bullard High.

-The "OR GAME" is back in a strong way.

-The Fonzie Eeeeeeehhhhhssss.

episodedork31.mp3 (52:40)
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Dorktown 30: South Lake Fresno

Nobody really wanted us to make it to show 30, but we did. Just click on: dorktownis30.mp3 [36.05] and wait for the download.

**As per most our shows, this show has a WARNING: FOUL CONTENT (excessive use of the "P" word).

-Everybody's getting laid in the Tower District but us.
-Email BELLS or C with show thoughts.
-The Mars Volta and Red Hot Chili Peppers come to Fresno and Dorktown was there.
-Selland's better than Save Mart.
-No more beer at Fresno State games.
-The Greek Festival has no food.
-Song break: Populus with "The Night."
-Audio from Bells' weekend at South Lake Tahoe.
-Move On Up has been goin' for three years.

(dorktownis30.mp3 [36.05])