Podcast 36: Grog Dorks

Download this show: Podcast36.mp3 [48:56] - yep, it's a longin. If you don't like downloading, just hang and listen to the show on our Odeo player below.

Bells dissing C's CD collection

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You will be hearing stuff like this:

-There are some new Fresno podcasts: Redwave Podcast and Dixiecast - we rip the hell out of their Fresno hating asses.
-High Horse comes back. C rips on people that...rip Fresno.
-Fresno/'Frisco and all of California's enviroments.
-Bells is pissed-off about Adam Carolla talking all kinds of Fresno.
-"Live" remote from new Fresno/Clovis bar, Grogs.
-Fresno DUI Checkpoints rule all other cities.
-Sounds Of Fresno game returns.
-Another Grogs pub remote.
-Coach Manchu calls the Dorkline - 559-224-2483.
-Dave Childers lights-up the Dorkline with big news about the Fresno Bee's "Get Out" monthly.
-Post your pictures to the new: Dorktown Picture Pool!!
-C is a weirdo.
-It is the Fonzy Eeeehhhhhss: Joel, Fresno Bee Hive, Hectic Films, Tony D', 80's Oakland A's pitchers, Heros Comics, Kevin Smith and Mallrats...
-Keep your head up for the Pod-a-Thon on podcast 37.
-Another Grogs remote.


Town. Dorktown. Podcast 35

As always, be very careful before listening to the show, it is filled with vulgarity. Not for children or even dogs ears: Download Podcast35.mp3

>Trent returns to represent Phoenix and compete for a whole FIVE DOLLARS, in James Bond trivia.
>Bells does our first live commercial. Make sure to Email Mikey if you want to sponsor Dorktown - I'd highly advise against that but...what the hell.
>A new brother podcast of Dorktown -
Falcons Cast - is now out.
>There will be an upcoming podcast-a-thon (show 37 probably) for Dorktown.
>Bryan Zera of All Good Things sits down to have a nice talk about life and Fresno and play an Or Game with Mikey at a Fresno Falcons game.
>Pat Hill's Fu-manchu calls the Dorktown listener line (559-224-2483) to cuss-out Mikey's beard, request dollar bills for Golddiggers and talk about how he "got" Stacy Johnson K. - sorry for the bad audio.
>Give out the Eeeeeeehhhhhsssss.
>A pissed-off call back.


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Dorktown 34: Atomic Dork

Download this now: AtomicCast34.mp3 and you will hear bad audio with things like:

-Is KRZR going away???
-Borat movie is taking over all of Fresno.
-Illegal Edwards theatre audio.
-Steve Perry albums.
-The Atomic Punks sound dead on VH in San Dieg. The audio goes to hell. Can you hear anybody talking? I can't.
-Should Van Halen be in the Hall Of Fame with Gary?
-K-Fed gets kicked out. Dorktown wrote about it: Chech it here!
-Dorktown has a YouTube Dorktown Channel
-Dorktown Odeo Channel.
-Give out the Eeeeeehhhhsssss.

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