New Years in Dorktown - Episode 55


Download the latest: Dorktown Episode 55 [38:15]

Bands featured in Episode 55:
-Intro/outro music by Barstow's Duck Duck Goose.
-Song break by Fresno's Rademacher.

Some dorkyass (not safe for children) topics featured in Episode 55:
-Mikey, Bells, Derek and Producer Becky in studio.
-Canadian bootleg Christmas albums.
-A late and lame Van Halen in Fresno review.
-Fresno Magazine sells out to advertisers...imagine that.
-Stacy Johnson Klein rants.
-"If you've got some magic" from Rademacher.
-The West Hills College"comedian" calls Dorktown.
-Mikey still buys CDs, but does anybody else?
-An Oakland A's and nerd-themed High Horse.
-Fresno's DUI Checkpoints go national.
-Fonzy Eyyss....

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*Download this podcast: Dorktown Episode 55 [38:15]


A Fresno Dork Holiday: Episode 54

Download Episode 54

-Was Milton Bradley bowling in Fresno?
-Fresno only needs a beach to be perfect.
-What's your Fresno checklist?
-Too many damn new Fresno restaurants.
-Van Halen pre-concert talk; Wolfie vs. Michael, Dave vs. Sammy.
-Has Mikey defected to Flowing With Famous?
-Dorktown will go on forever.
-Fresno band, Victory Jump, get some Dorktown play.
-A special Fresno Holiday themed "OR GAME"
-Time for Fonzy Ehhhs: Johnny and Turtle from Love the Captive. The Fresno Beehive. Fresno bloggers Ed and Adam. Fresno State football and Coach Fu-Manchu.
-Go to Mikey's blog The Fresnan and to Dorktown's Myspace,

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Dorktown Episode 53: LOCKED AND LOADED

Hang-out folks and click to download: RageAgainstBellsDorktownEp53.mp3

-Tastes Like Fresno.
-Halloween and shit.
-Mommy Nature attacks Fresno.
-Ladies get saucy on Halloween.
-In The Tower Never Rescued provides a music break.
-Bells gets fucked up with Hillary in Operation Bakersfreedom.
-New Dorktown sponsor "Locked and Loaded" with Jilly Bo Hicks.
-THE new "move" for dudes is in a car wash.
-A Fresno podcast report: Dixiecast gone, Overdubs going strong, Flowing with Famous gets dorky.
-Fonzy Eyyyss: Go to Dorktown's myspace.
-Leave a drunk message at 559-224-2483!!! (24 hours a day)
-Read The Fresnan.

Download: RageAgainstBellsDorktownEp53.mp3



Dorktown, The Fresnan, Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky brings you EPISODE 52:
DOWNLOAD THIS BASTARD: Episode52:DarthBecky.mp3

-One cat brings down Fresno City College.
-Indiana Jones brings his Crystal Skull to Fresno.
-Trump may return to the Running of the Horses.
-Hilary comes to Fresno.
-Bryan Zera leaves Fresno in the lurch...there's audio.
-Last Call still should be Zapps Park.
-Dorktown reviews Pangea.
-HateFX finally gets played on Dorktown and in Monterey.
-Mikey gets real...um...nerdy for Helmet's Page Hamilton.
-Page tells us a Fresno story.
-Becky reveals waaaaaay to much.
-Bells gives us a HIGH HORSE that Fresnans will love.
-Introducing the DORK CALENDER. Contact Mikey if you want your event to be dorky.
-Mikey is guest hosting on Move On UP November 9th.
-Fonzy aayyyyss.
-Paris Hilton rant.
-Becky wraps the mic and kills the listeners ears.
-Bryan Fitzgerald's fav's Your 33 Black Angels.

*Download this: Episode52:DarthBecky.mp3


EPISODE 51: Mikey and Bells suck

This show doesn't always kickass from start to finish. Sometimes it never kicks any ass at all. Is Episode 51 one of those times? Find out by downloading: Download maxdorkepisode51.mp3 (22736.4K)

Or just hang and play this:

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This, as always, is Not Safe For Work and your baby's ears. So ear-muff everyone else and listen too:

Van Halen coming to Fresno - Alice in Chains show reviewed - Smog City Roller Grrls' bout vs SJ Vixens - Selling out to Mr. Rude - Armo running for Fresno Mayor - Fresno Fair is fried - Victory Grill is ehhh - Me-N-Eds the best pizza in Fresno? - Mikey Announces his Blog/Website - Fonzy Ehhhs.



Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Download this NotSafeForWork or YourMom episode: rollerderbydorksEP50.mp3
[sorry about the ,webcam caused, jumps in audio throughout the show]
Or use the player:

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You'll hear "Kim Burly" and "Lola La Chola" of Fresno's Smog City Roller Grrls, duke it out podcast style with Mikey, Bells, Producer Becky and Dorktown's Webcam.

Learn the important things about roller derby, like: Do the girls shirts get torn off during bouts? Is Bakersfield a real rival? Do the girls have guy groupies? Could the Fresno Wiffleball League run with Smog City?

Also, Mikey interviews Fresno writer/comedian/filmmaker Jaguar Bennett. Jag talks about being a comedian in Fresno and his documentary about Fresno...yes a documentary about FRESNO.

There's more than that, but ya gotta listen dorks.

*(Contact mike@dorktown.net with any questions about the show.)



EPISODE 49: Bad audio--sex--Fresno bars

Here is the mp3 file to download in all its drunk glory: Download Episode 49.
Or use the player:

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Here is some of what you'll be listening to:
-First half of show is deleted due to drunk idiots.
-Aaron "The La Selva Beach Connection" calls the Dorkline.
-West Hills College Guy needs to be "taken care of"!
-Married people have sex?
-Less donuts for fat Fresnans.

-"Live" remote from new Northeast Fresno bar "Office...(something)" on Cedar and Nees.

-Is this Van Halen reunion for realsies?
-Coach Pathill Fumanchu calls the show from Reps and he's...got a hooker problem.
-Fonzy Eeeehhss: Sandpoint Idaho-Montana, Portland, Move On UP, Flowing With Famous, people that sign the Podcast Frappr map.

-We leave you with some bonus Super Lucky Catz recorded live during Episode 48 of Dorktown.

*Download Episode 49 of the Dorktown Podcast


Tweener Episode 2: Dorktown invades Fresno radio

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It's an all new episode of Dorktown's bastard child "The Tweener". Click the file dorktowntweenerEP2.mp3 to listen to Episode two - or use this player:

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Here's what you're downloading:

MOU brings in the whole damn crew from Dorktown Podcast to talk it up. Some of what they talk about:

How to start up a Fresno podcast, other Fresno podcasters, music laws, how much swearing is allowed, late night calls, webcasting, people dig FRESNO, personalities from Fresno calling Dorktown, where's the Bullard Bell?, Fresno remotes, downtown Fresno's parking sucks...badly, calling up strippers, Devoya brings in the "Or Game", Move On Up's Podcast and - of course - much more.

**Move On UP can be heard in Fresno every Friday night from 7 to 8 on 88.1FM


Super Lucky Dorktown - Episode 48

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It only took 48 tries, but we have a Dorktown Podcast first: a live band on the show. It was worth the wait. Dorktown get the Super Lucky Catz to talk it up and perform live.

Download this file: SuperLuckyDorktownEp48.mp3 [48:28] [44.3 MB]

Bells is away, vacationing in damn Portland so Mikey is left all alone...well not all alone. Rob "The Voice", Brandon, Jen and Shadow from SLC, sit in for Bells.

-The Dorktown Webcam is up and running.
-Everyone chimes in on the whole River Park curfew mess.
-What does SLC think of Vam Fest?
-SLC talks about their first show, local venues and more.
-Rob and Jen speak candidly about their American Idol experience.

-Creator of Fresnofamous.com, Jarah, says goodbye to Fresno on Dorktown.

-SUPER LUCKY CATZ perform live (as the sound man works out some kinks).
-SLC keeps playin' (because they kick-ass)!

-Mikey tries to give out the "Fonzy Eeehhhss" to Joshua T, Dorktown's My spacers, Fresno Famous users and Bells, but classic Dorktown audio problems cut the show short.

Thanks for listening!


Donald Trump - Fresno - Dio - Cerro Victoria - Chupacabra - D'Chips - Episode 47

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

-Here we are, download this NSFW beast: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

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You'll be listening to this:
-DORKTOWN BREAKDOWN: Donald Trump, PGA and Running Horse. Sammy makes 80 mil'. Save Mart's "Victory Lane" sucked. James Dio comes to Fresno.

-Clip of Bryan Garza - from "Scissors for Lefty" - calling Dorktown [turn your volume down on this one.] The full interview can be found HERE.
-Sanger stories.
-VALLEY PODCAST REPORT: Mike Oz' Local Music Podcast. A Move on UP podcast has started. Flowing With Famous loses Jarah.
-Bells doesn't know what a Chupacabra is.\
-There are all kinds of Maddog 20/20
-Los Angeles band, Cerro Victoria, gets Dorktown play; catch them in Fresno on July 5th at the Crossroads.
-Dorktown gets a call from...um...South of someone's border...
-Fonzy Ehhss: Capistrano, Rosa Lindas Mexican restaurant, Maroo and more sushi in Fresno, Said the Gun to the Girl, Pizzaland, Love the Captive, everybody on our MySpace page and every Fresno Famous user.
-Dorktown FU's

Click to download and hang: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

Show contact: mike@dorktown.net


Dorktown Presents: "The Tweener" podcast

Sometimes, nerdy audio happens in between episodes of Dorktown and it just can't wait for the next show. Well no longer, dorks.

Presenting a new podcasting idea from Dorktown called "The Tweener". It's not your standard episode of Dorktown, but it's in the same Fresnerd park....actually, this one is cool. Not dorky. Except for Mikey's breathing.

The first episode is a spesso one; On-the-brink-of-hitting-it-big-band, Scissors For Lefty's singer Bryan Garza (with an occasional appearance from brother Steven).
[FIRST, download this mp3: DorktownTweenerEP1.mp3]


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Then listen for stuff like:
-Playing a SFL dream show.
-Starting out in San Luis Obispo.
-The brotherly love of SFL.
-Making it in San Francisco.
-Where to see bands in "The City".
-What Fresno bands does Bryan like?
-SFL's show at the Starline.
-The new Album "Underhanded Romance", and much more.

If you want to SEE what Scissors For Lefty is all about, peep this Electronic Press Kit.

**Also on that Friday night bill are some big local bands: Beandip, El Olio Wolof, The Same Shape


Episode 46: Dorks Caught on Tape

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Please begin downloading this [unsafe for childrens ears] file: videodorksEP46.mp3

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You'll listen to stuff like this:

-Live for the first time, Dorkam and chat simulcasting in dreary dork video.
-Live Dorktown chat-room is distracting to unprofessional podcasters.
-Bells thinks Dave and Busters is coming.
-River Park will have no parking.
-Is Disney audio really pushing "the edge" of podcasting?
-Ryan and "Caruthers Reggie" join.
-Pirates of the Caribbean audio overtakes the dorks. Listen hard and you might hear Jack Sparrow.
-"Or Game" is goin' on.
-JK from Atlanta lights up the Dorkline.
-Fresno's Police Copter finally gets on the podcast.
-Caruthers Fair VS Fresno Fair.
-Wiffleball talk seeps into the 'cast.
-Julie calls in; she can't make the Bullard High Class of '97 reunion, but Bells can.
-The Central Valley podcast report falls short of full coverage.
-Fonzy eeeehhhsss to folks like: Tony D, Bakersfield peeps, our new Myspace friends and hot tubs everywhere.
-The Sapranos ends.

videodorksEP46.mp3 [53:40]


We're Live on Stickam Saturday!

For an updcate on Saturday, download this: stickamdork.mp3

Or read this:
We are making Fresno podcasting history this Saturday night. The first ever podcast in Central California to go live in streaming audio and choppy-ass webcam video.

The podcast of which I speak is Dorktown - who else would do such a geeky event? And here is where you can come in.

Go to Stickam.com and sign up for an account. Then befriend Dorktown on Stickam. Now just show up online at 10:00 Pacific Saturday and hangout with nerds Bells and Mike as we talk Fresno and whatever.

You actually don't need a Stickam account to just listen and watch. Go to the Dorkcam page at ten and observe in anonymity.

Feel free to email me with any questions or topics. See ya Saturday night!


DorkCore: Episode 45

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketCapistrano

Sorry for the length of the download but it just had to be done, hang-out and click this: dorkcoreEpisode45.mp3 [58:21] If you don't want to wait for the download, just press play here:

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What kind of specialness will you be listening to?:

-Devoya from Move On Up joins Dorktown to talk KFSR, "Move" and (what else?) FRESNO [Westside liquor stores, fig parties] and underground Fresno media and underground helicopters.

-MiKeY gets a sweet interview with up-and-coming Morgan Hill band Capistrano. I'm gettin' this experimental-metal-grindcore stuff ... I like it.

-A kinda serious Grindcore debate

-More kick-shit Fresno talk.

-Dorktown heads out to "Sudz in the City"

-Fonzy eeeeehhhhhhhhs.

-A Mikey 'mashup' with The Shame Shape and Capistrano.

*Check out the Capistrano video at Fresno's Starline by Dorktown.

**CAPISTRANO WILL BE TOURING DORKTOWN CITIES THIS SUMMER: Santa Cruz, Phoenix, Portland and .... ahhhh .. PORTERVILLE?? Check this for details


Fahrenheit Dorks - Dorktown Episode 44

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Do you listen to this podcast? Really? Damn, that's cool, well, you should listen to this new one...please download this: episode44dorkremote.mp3

You can also use this player:

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-The troubles of having a business downtown - parking sucks.
-A hot chick stands next to Bells.
-New Fresno/Bullard restaurant - Fahrenheit - gets a Dorktown rundown. Get to the N.E. corner of Shaw and West and go there...then order something...'cause it's good.
-104.1 New Rock Birthday Bash returns: Queens of the Stone Age, Plain White T's and Sum 41 come to Fresno.
-Why does the Mid-State Fair book bigger acts than the Fresno Fair?
-Crazy Riders.
-Fresno is better than every city in the history of cities.
-Bullard and Fresno City drama.
-Bells busts out an "OR GAME"

*Thanks for listening, check us out on Myspace and be our friend and stuff.

**If you would like another option for listening to this episode click

Podshow channel: Episode 44 and you get to hear the Kingpin of Podcasting - Adam Curry - before the show begins....holy shit, I guess.


Flowing With Dorktown

Famous Cells OFF
We here at Dorktown are stealing. We're stealing podcasts. But, at least we're on this one. Mikey and Bells make an appearance on Flowing With Famous, hosted by Jarah and Josh and engineered by Bryan - he makes it sound hella better than Dorktown.

Download it today by clicking: FlowingWithDorktown.mp3

Or use this player:

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Episode 43: Dork Short

The tightest episode of the Dorktown Podcast ever. Bells and Mikey hang with Ford at Fresno's Lime Lite. Bells spoofs Mikey. That's the show.

Download won't you: Episode43.mp3

Or use this player:

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Episode 42: Dork Pollution

Welcome Fresno and the world to another edition of the Dorktown Podcast!

Download Episode 42 and listen to the Fresno audio shitstorm:
DOWNLOAD ME: dorkpollution.mp3

Or use this player:

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Here is a little bit of what you'll here this episode:

-Bells and Mike give out the Dorktown Awards for Fresno - think Fresno Bee's Peoples Choice Awards on crack.
-Sound Pollution's Brad and Chris talks podcasting with Mike.
-Dorktown travels to Arizona for the Tempe Beer Festival.
-A member of a prominate Fresno morning show calls the Dorktown Hotline.
-Fonzy Ehhs to things like: Bakotopia.com...

Thanks for listening bastards.



Wild Bells Mellow C

Please, be gentle and download this adult podcast: dorkgarden41.mp3. Or use this:

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Some stuff to listen for in this episode:
-Bells tries to get pissed at Portland Assholes but it ain't happening. Mike breaks down Fresno Haters.

-Fresno podcast report: Free Thought Fresno - Flowing With Famous - Dorkfeed.

-Dorktown gets an impromtu interview with the author of Murder in the Garden: "Famous Crimes of Early Fresno County" from Fresno bar Moynihans Pub.

-Battle of the Bartenders audio.

-Fonzy Ehh's: Marissa

Six Ounce Gloves


Mike Oz Blogs about Dorktown.



It's the second half of Episode 40 "The Podathon." Bells and Mikey continue to wait for seven listeners to contact them. Does it finally happen? Is there another section on the way? Does any one give a shit?
Download this: Maspodathon.mp3
OR: Click here to use one of the several playing options that Podshow.com gives you for this episode.



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Not only is this the Pod-a-thon, we are also trying a new thing with Podshow.com so don't be afraid if Adam Curry chimes in somewhere.

Here is the file to download Pod-a-thonEpisode40.mp3. You can also go to our new Podshow Channel and use one of the player options they have.

The Pod-a-thon show special summary is this: Bells and Mikey just hang and wait for seven Dorktown listeners to contact them. That's it, that's the show. They can't stop recording till they get the seven contacts. Are they still waiting? Download and find out.

Or just use this player:
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*The Dustups
*The Same Shape



What the hell is this Podcast-a-thon thing Dorktown has been shoving down your throat?

Coming, this Saturday night, beginning at 10:00 Pacific...IT'S THE DORKTOWN POD-A-THON! Download this to find out more:
Or use this player:
powered by ODEO

Basically, what we need from the listeners is this: find a way to contact us during the show on Saturday night. We will keep taping the podcast until we're "contacted" seven times during the show. Here are the ways to contact us during taping.

--Come to the Dorktown Forum and post a reply in the OFFICIAL PODCAST-A-THON 2007 THREAD. If you don't have an account yet, just take a minute and sign up. We will post the thread around 9:00 Pacific time and you can start replying to it then.

--Call us during the show (after 10:00 on Saturday Feb 10th) at 559-224-2483 and you'll get yourself on the show and qualify as contacting us. If it's busy try again. If you get the answering machine that means the show is over and we actually got seven "contacts."

--Email us during the show. Starting at nine, if you email mike@dorktown.net or bells@dorktown.net. That counts and we thank you.

--Buy "You've Got The Ass." Yes, Chewbacca and the Rhythm Wookies have a song to download on the Podsafe Music Network. Follow this link: Wookie and if you look below you will be able to see where you can buy the song to download. Have fun with that one, it's the worst song off all-Fresno time.

If you are the 7th "Contacter..err..er", you'll when a free t-shirt (once we make some one day).

Check the Dorktown Forum for the fuckin' latest. Don't worry if you come in at like 11:00. There's a good chance we will still need your help.

This Saturday night, we NEED IT.


Fresno Mayor Pimpin': Podcast 39

C chokes Bells

PLEASE! Download Dorks Talkin' Fresno smack: pimpinpodcast39.mpg [53:26]. Give it a little time, it's a big one. You can also use the Odeo Player below.

-A quick talk about "rape" at Casa De Fruita.

-Is Dorktown going to upcoming Fresno rock shows?

-Dorktown finally heads out to Madera and talks with Dave Childers about the demise of "Get Out"..

-Dorks try and break down the Police reunion and Van Halen Reuniting - Wolfie in, Mikie out.

-Mayor Bubba cuts a "Orange Aid" commercial.

-Madera remote ain't done: Where's the place to eat in Madera?

-An impromtu interview in the Club Fred bathroom with Boney of the Argyle Pimps.

-More Dave Childers interviewing, this time with Fresno music and club talk.

-Dorktown's best listener calls the dorkline (559-224-2483) and requests a song for Wiffle Atlanta.

-Fonzy Ehhhs (keep checking the Message Board for deatails on podcast 40 and the "Pod-a-Thon". Vote for Fresno's Best Fresno band!

-Dorktown Podcast "finishes-off" the Argyle Pimps
**Yes, we did "use" the unfortunate valley freeze to create a skit, but that doesn't mean we are heartless towards what some families are going through right now. Bells and I encourage you to make a donation to Community Food Bank to help out.

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is part two of podcast 38. Part one is here: Part one of 38.
It wouldn't be a Dorktown Podcast without audio problems; ignore the buzzing and please listen. Download podcast 38 PART TWO: dtownfamous38part2.mp3. Or you can use the player below at the bottom of the post.

LANGUAGE WARNING: There's a lot of naughty talk, take care listening. Here's the rundown of part two:

-Bells puts a girl in a hospital at Fresno State AIR GUITAR!
-Jarah's not a Van Halen fan but she does like Extreme.
-Fresno trivia.
-What happened to Fagan's?
-Strip club debate.
-Fulton Mall traffic.
-Dorktown Podcast spin off?
-The Fresno Bee folks kick ass.
-Don't fuck with Wham! Wham Wrap '07.
-The Fonzy Eeeeehhhh'ssss - Thanks Tony D', Jarah, Josh and Reid.

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Famous Dork Parts: Podcast 38

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It wouldn't be a Dorktown Podcast without audio problems; ignore the buzzing and please listen to/download podcast 38 - in two parts:

PART ONE: dtownfamous38Part1.mp3
PART TWO: dtownfamous38part2.mp3

*You can also go to the Dorktown Podcast Blog to use the players and get more information on the show.

LANGUAGE WARNING: There's a lot of naughty talk, take care listening.

-Jarah and Joshua straighten out all of the Bee Famous controversy.
-What will happen to Famous when Sour Grapes goes away?
-What's the new name of Joshua's blog?
-Will Jarah post after she's gone?
-Bells still needs nude pics.
-Who painted over Marilyn?
-Clovis West sucks.
-Josh explains It'll Grow Back's name and Sweeds. (END OF PART ONE)

-Bells puts a girl in a hospital at Fresno State AIR GUITAR!
-Jarah's not a Van Halen fan but she does like Extreme.
-Fresno trivia.
-What happened to Fagan's?
-Strip club debate.
-Fulton Mall traffic.
-Dorktown Podcast spin off?
-The Fresno Bee folks kick ass.
-Don't fuck with Wham! Wham Wrap '07.
-The Fonzy Eeeeehhhh'ssss - Thanks Tony D', Jarah, Josh and Reid.


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