Fresno Mayor Pimpin': Podcast 39

C chokes Bells

PLEASE! Download Dorks Talkin' Fresno smack: pimpinpodcast39.mpg [53:26]. Give it a little time, it's a big one. You can also use the Odeo Player below.

-A quick talk about "rape" at Casa De Fruita.

-Is Dorktown going to upcoming Fresno rock shows?

-Dorktown finally heads out to Madera and talks with Dave Childers about the demise of "Get Out"..

-Dorks try and break down the Police reunion and Van Halen Reuniting - Wolfie in, Mikie out.

-Mayor Bubba cuts a "Orange Aid" commercial.

-Madera remote ain't done: Where's the place to eat in Madera?

-An impromtu interview in the Club Fred bathroom with Boney of the Argyle Pimps.

-More Dave Childers interviewing, this time with Fresno music and club talk.

-Dorktown's best listener calls the dorkline (559-224-2483) and requests a song for Wiffle Atlanta.

-Fonzy Ehhhs (keep checking the Message Board for deatails on podcast 40 and the "Pod-a-Thon". Vote for Fresno's Best Fresno band!

-Dorktown Podcast "finishes-off" the Argyle Pimps
**Yes, we did "use" the unfortunate valley freeze to create a skit, but that doesn't mean we are heartless towards what some families are going through right now. Bells and I encourage you to make a donation to Community Food Bank to help out.

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