DorkCore: Episode 45

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-Devoya from Move On Up joins Dorktown to talk KFSR, "Move" and (what else?) FRESNO [Westside liquor stores, fig parties] and underground Fresno media and underground helicopters.

-MiKeY gets a sweet interview with up-and-coming Morgan Hill band Capistrano. I'm gettin' this experimental-metal-grindcore stuff ... I like it.

-A kinda serious Grindcore debate

-More kick-shit Fresno talk.

-Dorktown heads out to "Sudz in the City"

-Fonzy eeeeehhhhhhhhs.

-A Mikey 'mashup' with The Shame Shape and Capistrano.

*Check out the Capistrano video at Fresno's Starline by Dorktown.

**CAPISTRANO WILL BE TOURING DORKTOWN CITIES THIS SUMMER: Santa Cruz, Phoenix, Portland and .... ahhhh .. PORTERVILLE?? Check this for details


Fahrenheit Dorks - Dorktown Episode 44

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-The troubles of having a business downtown - parking sucks.
-A hot chick stands next to Bells.
-New Fresno/Bullard restaurant - Fahrenheit - gets a Dorktown rundown. Get to the N.E. corner of Shaw and West and go there...then order something...'cause it's good.
-104.1 New Rock Birthday Bash returns: Queens of the Stone Age, Plain White T's and Sum 41 come to Fresno.
-Why does the Mid-State Fair book bigger acts than the Fresno Fair?
-Crazy Riders.
-Fresno is better than every city in the history of cities.
-Bullard and Fresno City drama.
-Bells busts out an "OR GAME"

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