Donald Trump - Fresno - Dio - Cerro Victoria - Chupacabra - D'Chips - Episode 47

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-Here we are, download this NSFW beast: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

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You'll be listening to this:
-DORKTOWN BREAKDOWN: Donald Trump, PGA and Running Horse. Sammy makes 80 mil'. Save Mart's "Victory Lane" sucked. James Dio comes to Fresno.

-Clip of Bryan Garza - from "Scissors for Lefty" - calling Dorktown [turn your volume down on this one.] The full interview can be found HERE.
-Sanger stories.
-VALLEY PODCAST REPORT: Mike Oz' Local Music Podcast. A Move on UP podcast has started. Flowing With Famous loses Jarah.
-Bells doesn't know what a Chupacabra is.\
-There are all kinds of Maddog 20/20
-Los Angeles band, Cerro Victoria, gets Dorktown play; catch them in Fresno on July 5th at the Crossroads.
-Dorktown gets a call from...um...South of someone's border...
-Fonzy Ehhss: Capistrano, Rosa Lindas Mexican restaurant, Maroo and more sushi in Fresno, Said the Gun to the Girl, Pizzaland, Love the Captive, everybody on our MySpace page and every Fresno Famous user.
-Dorktown FU's

Click to download and hang: doritochipdorksEP47.mp3

Show contact: mike@dorktown.net


Dorktown Presents: "The Tweener" podcast

Sometimes, nerdy audio happens in between episodes of Dorktown and it just can't wait for the next show. Well no longer, dorks.

Presenting a new podcasting idea from Dorktown called "The Tweener". It's not your standard episode of Dorktown, but it's in the same Fresnerd park....actually, this one is cool. Not dorky. Except for Mikey's breathing.

The first episode is a spesso one; On-the-brink-of-hitting-it-big-band, Scissors For Lefty's singer Bryan Garza (with an occasional appearance from brother Steven).
[FIRST, download this mp3: DorktownTweenerEP1.mp3]


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Then listen for stuff like:
-Playing a SFL dream show.
-Starting out in San Luis Obispo.
-The brotherly love of SFL.
-Making it in San Francisco.
-Where to see bands in "The City".
-What Fresno bands does Bryan like?
-SFL's show at the Starline.
-The new Album "Underhanded Romance", and much more.

If you want to SEE what Scissors For Lefty is all about, peep this Electronic Press Kit.

**Also on that Friday night bill are some big local bands: Beandip, El Olio Wolof, The Same Shape


Episode 46: Dorks Caught on Tape

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Please begin downloading this [unsafe for childrens ears] file: videodorksEP46.mp3

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You'll listen to stuff like this:

-Live for the first time, Dorkam and chat simulcasting in dreary dork video.
-Live Dorktown chat-room is distracting to unprofessional podcasters.
-Bells thinks Dave and Busters is coming.
-River Park will have no parking.
-Is Disney audio really pushing "the edge" of podcasting?
-Ryan and "Caruthers Reggie" join.
-Pirates of the Caribbean audio overtakes the dorks. Listen hard and you might hear Jack Sparrow.
-"Or Game" is goin' on.
-JK from Atlanta lights up the Dorkline.
-Fresno's Police Copter finally gets on the podcast.
-Caruthers Fair VS Fresno Fair.
-Wiffleball talk seeps into the 'cast.
-Julie calls in; she can't make the Bullard High Class of '97 reunion, but Bells can.
-The Central Valley podcast report falls short of full coverage.
-Fonzy eeeehhhsss to folks like: Tony D, Bakersfield peeps, our new Myspace friends and hot tubs everywhere.
-The Sapranos ends.

videodorksEP46.mp3 [53:40]


We're Live on Stickam Saturday!

For an updcate on Saturday, download this: stickamdork.mp3

Or read this:
We are making Fresno podcasting history this Saturday night. The first ever podcast in Central California to go live in streaming audio and choppy-ass webcam video.

The podcast of which I speak is Dorktown - who else would do such a geeky event? And here is where you can come in.

Go to Stickam.com and sign up for an account. Then befriend Dorktown on Stickam. Now just show up online at 10:00 Pacific Saturday and hangout with nerds Bells and Mike as we talk Fresno and whatever.

You actually don't need a Stickam account to just listen and watch. Go to the Dorkcam page at ten and observe in anonymity.

Feel free to email me with any questions or topics. See ya Saturday night!