Dorktown Presents: "The Tweener" podcast

Sometimes, nerdy audio happens in between episodes of Dorktown and it just can't wait for the next show. Well no longer, dorks.

Presenting a new podcasting idea from Dorktown called "The Tweener". It's not your standard episode of Dorktown, but it's in the same Fresnerd park....actually, this one is cool. Not dorky. Except for Mikey's breathing.

The first episode is a spesso one; On-the-brink-of-hitting-it-big-band, Scissors For Lefty's singer Bryan Garza (with an occasional appearance from brother Steven).
[FIRST, download this mp3: DorktownTweenerEP1.mp3]


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Then listen for stuff like:
-Playing a SFL dream show.
-Starting out in San Luis Obispo.
-The brotherly love of SFL.
-Making it in San Francisco.
-Where to see bands in "The City".
-What Fresno bands does Bryan like?
-SFL's show at the Starline.
-The new Album "Underhanded Romance", and much more.

If you want to SEE what Scissors For Lefty is all about, peep this Electronic Press Kit.

**Also on that Friday night bill are some big local bands: Beandip, El Olio Wolof, The Same Shape

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