We're Live on Stickam Saturday!

For an updcate on Saturday, download this: stickamdork.mp3

Or read this:
We are making Fresno podcasting history this Saturday night. The first ever podcast in Central California to go live in streaming audio and choppy-ass webcam video.

The podcast of which I speak is Dorktown - who else would do such a geeky event? And here is where you can come in.

Go to Stickam.com and sign up for an account. Then befriend Dorktown on Stickam. Now just show up online at 10:00 Pacific Saturday and hangout with nerds Bells and Mike as we talk Fresno and whatever.

You actually don't need a Stickam account to just listen and watch. Go to the Dorkcam page at ten and observe in anonymity.

Feel free to email me with any questions or topics. See ya Saturday night!

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