EPISODE 49: Bad audio--sex--Fresno bars

Here is the mp3 file to download in all its drunk glory: Download Episode 49.
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Here is some of what you'll be listening to:
-First half of show is deleted due to drunk idiots.
-Aaron "The La Selva Beach Connection" calls the Dorkline.
-West Hills College Guy needs to be "taken care of"!
-Married people have sex?
-Less donuts for fat Fresnans.

-"Live" remote from new Northeast Fresno bar "Office...(something)" on Cedar and Nees.

-Is this Van Halen reunion for realsies?
-Coach Pathill Fumanchu calls the show from Reps and he's...got a hooker problem.
-Fonzy Eeeehhss: Sandpoint Idaho-Montana, Portland, Move On UP, Flowing With Famous, people that sign the Podcast Frappr map.

-We leave you with some bonus Super Lucky Catz recorded live during Episode 48 of Dorktown.

*Download Episode 49 of the Dorktown Podcast


Tweener Episode 2: Dorktown invades Fresno radio

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It's an all new episode of Dorktown's bastard child "The Tweener". Click the file dorktowntweenerEP2.mp3 to listen to Episode two - or use this player:

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Here's what you're downloading:

MOU brings in the whole damn crew from Dorktown Podcast to talk it up. Some of what they talk about:

How to start up a Fresno podcast, other Fresno podcasters, music laws, how much swearing is allowed, late night calls, webcasting, people dig FRESNO, personalities from Fresno calling Dorktown, where's the Bullard Bell?, Fresno remotes, downtown Fresno's parking sucks...badly, calling up strippers, Devoya brings in the "Or Game", Move On Up's Podcast and - of course - much more.

**Move On UP can be heard in Fresno every Friday night from 7 to 8 on 88.1FM