Dorktown, The Fresnan, Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky brings you EPISODE 52:
DOWNLOAD THIS BASTARD: Episode52:DarthBecky.mp3

-One cat brings down Fresno City College.
-Indiana Jones brings his Crystal Skull to Fresno.
-Trump may return to the Running of the Horses.
-Hilary comes to Fresno.
-Bryan Zera leaves Fresno in the lurch...there's audio.
-Last Call still should be Zapps Park.
-Dorktown reviews Pangea.
-HateFX finally gets played on Dorktown and in Monterey.
-Mikey gets real...um...nerdy for Helmet's Page Hamilton.
-Page tells us a Fresno story.
-Becky reveals waaaaaay to much.
-Bells gives us a HIGH HORSE that Fresnans will love.
-Introducing the DORK CALENDER. Contact Mikey if you want your event to be dorky.
-Mikey is guest hosting on Move On UP November 9th.
-Fonzy aayyyyss.
-Paris Hilton rant.
-Becky wraps the mic and kills the listeners ears.
-Bryan Fitzgerald's fav's Your 33 Black Angels.

*Download this: Episode52:DarthBecky.mp3


EPISODE 51: Mikey and Bells suck

This show doesn't always kickass from start to finish. Sometimes it never kicks any ass at all. Is Episode 51 one of those times? Find out by downloading: Download maxdorkepisode51.mp3 (22736.4K)

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