Dorktown Episode 68: Sounds Like Crap

Humbly brought to you by The Fresnan it's Dorktown Podcast Episode 68. It's unsafe listening for work and small English speaking children.

If you're brave enough to listen, you can expect that hosts Mikey and Bells's mics will be too loud and the guests (Derek and Aaron) mics won't be working at all (there is a payoff for that if you can listen to the whole show). You can also expect three celeb guests to show up, and Mikey sounding like a dumbshit.

Download: DorktownEpisode68.mp3


Dorktown Christmas 08 - Episode 67

It's Dorktown Podcast's Christmas 2008 Episode. It's not safe for work, unless you work at a strip club. Download: Dorktown Episode 67

-A Christmas Story kind of opening.
-Bells warns Mikey against dirty mall Santas.
-Winter Formal sex stories.
-Mikey over modulates a Victory Jump Christmas song and gives up.
-Is Gary Chereone taking over the defunct Cabo Wabo Fresno?
-More VH talk.
-HIGH HORSE: Glade's big ugly lying spokeswoman.
-Fonzy Eyyyyys.

Click this: dorktownepisode67.mp3


Dorktown 66: Old Fresno Podcasting

Welcome to what is known as the stain on Fresno's culture rug: Dorktown Podcast. Episode 66 is ready for downloading. It's not safe for work but perfectly fine for babies. What to expect:
  • A little too much KISS and rambling open a podcast with.
  • Old listeners have grown up and moved on.
  • Good Fresno fake ID spots.
  • Bells is glad the election is over.
  • Downtown Bisla's was the best but The Sky Room is cool.
  • The Fay Wray's get more Dorktown play.
  • A Bell's HIGH HORSE.
  • Fran Florez gets the Dorktown treatment.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
Listen to the podcast by clicking this: DorktownEpisode66.mp3


Dorktown Fair: Episode 65

Dorktown Podcast episode 65 is not safe for work and is all about this:

The hiatus is over, what's been happening? Nothing, that's what.
The Fresno Fair and restraining orders.
Death Magnetic talk.
"Live" remote from The Landmark's patio with Mike Oz and Vince from Sleepover Disaster.
Does Bells miss the Tower District?
Bells gets on his high horse.
An attempt to try and send it back out to The Landmark with Mike Oz, FAILS. An attempt at interviewing Ed and Adam from TVLGFHF, doesn't.
Armos keep to themselves.
Fresno Wabo talk - where's Sammy?
Fonzy Eyyys and Fulton Mall chicks.
Armenian Festival and old folks.
Mikey waits for the funny.

Listen to dorktown65.mp3

Contacting the show: mike@thefresnan.com, bells@dorktown.net, on myspace.


Episdoe 64: Internetland and Dorktownland collide

I want you to think about something before you listen to this podcast: Can you handle listening to a couple of rude jackasses cussing, drinking and talking about nonsense? If the answer is yes, then download this: DorktownInternetLandEpisode64.mp3

Some things to expect:
  • A Fresnan ventures into Clovis?
  • What Fresno women would you like to see in a bikini?
  • Send Dorktown your gold!
  • Fresno band "The Fay Wrays" kiss Mikey and Bells.
  • Does a Fresno Starbucks need to be saved?
  • Baskin and Robbins corporate will want to hear this.
  • HIGH HORSE: Knock it off Kim! Knock it off!
  • Bells yells at Internetland.
Listen to Episode 64


Dorktown 63: Give it one more try

We have returned with in-studio Fresno dorkness. Listen to Dorktown Episode 63. Be warned, rude language and rude Fresnans throughout.

-The FCC can't stop drinking on podcasts.
-Fresnans are tuff!
-Bells randomly checks on listeners.
-Hot Fresno breakfast spots.
-Timmy T controversy on The Fresnan.
-"Brodie Mash" answers questions from a dork.
-The "Front Row" pops up in Fresno in another form.
-Why is Ray Appleton so damn popular?
-FBomb drop.
-The Sleepover Disaster gets dorky.
-The return of the OR GAME.
-National Champion Diamond Dogs...with Pat Hill?
-Fonzy Eyyss.

Download: dorktownEpisode63.mp3



Listen to Episode 62

The first half of the show is clips from the Dorktown Three Year Anniversary Party. Second half is Mikey and a low volume Bells talking on the phone about why they had to talk on the phone...yep, it's as exciting as it sounds.

No real summary this time. You've just got to listen and try to enjoy. If you're new to the Dorktown Podcast, I'd like to warn you it's unprofessional, obnoxious and there is swearing throughout - nasty Fresnans.

click it: dorktown62.mp3


Dorktown Episode 61: Damn Near Three Years

Thank you for listening to this: DorktownEpisode61.mp3

-The Dorktown break wasn't long enough.
-Fresno owes Dorktown money.
-Tommy Boy Boyajian and his caucus.
-Ashley is flashing for votes.
-Tommy Lee's penis.
-Fresno State Football Coach Pat Hill on Dorktown...seriously.
-Chrysalis brings Barstow metal.

-Fresno Podcast Report.
-Ed Stewart explains his new Fresno podcast.
-Beer break with The Overdubs.
-Mikey will buy you a beer.
-A lame Lost discussion.
-Dorktown's FONZY EHHSS!
-Get drunk and call the Dorktown Hotline to leave a message: 559-224-2483.
-Fresno gets help from George Lucas.
-Email us: mike, bells, kim. Then check out The Fresnan.

*Download: Episode 61


Episode 60: Dorky Breathing

Welcome to our humble frescast. Please beware of nasty language throughout.
Click to listen or download: Dorktown Episode 60

-"Cats" at the Saroyan isn't all that.
-Clovis kicks out their drunks?
-What's wrong with the podcast? Listeners chime in. You can call and leave a message about our suckness: 559-224-2483.
-An old Mikey rival calls in.
-June 10th, Dave "The Snake" Sabo's cousin will be at Dorktown's Three Year Anniversary Party at Starline. The likely lineup: It'll Grow Back, Beandip, Tokyo Death March and Chrysalis.
-We placate the Bakersfield listeners with a NL Belardes interview. Check out his new documentary.
-Fonzy Ehhhsss.
-Thank you Bells. Thanks to interviewees Mike Oz, Heather Mclane, Caruthers Reggie and MissyT.
-This show was long.

listen: dorkybreathingEpisode60.mp3
kim@dorktown.net (Ask Kimburrrly a question to be answered on a future show!)


KimBurrr Dorks: Dorktown EP59

m_8878d337527f958f93b6525b12003276Kim Burrly

Listen to Dorktown Episode 59 [just click it!] HEADS UP: NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR GRANDMAS.

-Dorktown puts Concordia, Kansas on the podcasting map.
-Apparently, Dorktown is the number four podcast in Fresno.
-Is Dorktown getting their ass kicked by The DUmb?
-Is there a band jinx on Dorktown?
-Tokyo Death March debuts on the show.
-NEW SEGMENT "ASK A ROLLER GIRL" DEBUTS WITH KIM BURRRLY! ( email Kim at kim@dorktown.net )
-Kim runs down Smog City's bout against Sonoma. Ever have to remove a skate from your 'giner?
-A Public House review of sorts.
-Becky does her best "Daisy".
-Fony Eyyysss.

Download Episode 59: kimburdorkEpisode59.mp3


Dorktown 58: Coach Cleavage

Raw adultness ahead. Keep this in mind before you listen to: Dorktown Episode 58.

-Lame live news reporting.
-Armenian shine boxes.
-Up yours to Fresno podcasts.
-Lola La Chola of the Smog City Roller Grrls returns to Dorktown.
-Stacy Johnson-Klien on ESPN - with bad echoing.

Email Kim Burrly of Smog City and she will answer any questions you might have for a Roller Girl. Any. Question. kim@dorktown.net

-Fresno band Elmo Marconi goes Dork.
-"Coach Cleavage" calls in and turns out to not be all that funny.
-The Fonzy Ayyss get out of control.

Download: CoachCleavageDork58.mp3


Dork Dork Rogue - Episode 57

You know by now, we ain't safe for work or moms. Knowing that, download this: Dorktown Episode 57

What to expect this time:
-Don't drive to Yosemite in the snow.
-Cops rule Fat Tuesday in the Tower.
-Bells-n-Mikey break down Fresno Magazine's "How Fresno are you?"
-Bells can't put up with the Club Fred name change.
-Mikey interviews the Bako/Fresno band The Dalloways.
-Fresno band Flight 409 gets a Dorktown style review.
-Pod-a-thon plans are made.
-The Rogue Festival will be covered by The Fresnan.
-Contact the show ya bastards: mike@dorktown.net or bells@dorktown.net

-Duck Duck Goose.
-The Dalloways.
-Flight 409.

Download Episode 57: duckduckdork.mp3


Cafe Dorktown - Episode 56

As always, listen at your own risk; NSFM [Not Safe For Moms].

Start by downloading this file: cafedorktown56.mp3 (It's a large file so there's a longer download time than normal...sorry n shit)

Bells and Mikey return for 2008 with a good-n-longass show:

-Did Fresno State's Pat Hill leave Dorktown a review on iTunes?
-A special Fresno Celebrity version of the "Or Game"
-The Dalloways are having a CD release party at Starline on February 15th.
-Mikey heads to the Fulton Mall to hang out with Leo from Cafe Corazon.
-Bells and Mikey wrap it up with the Fonzy Ayyss.

Duck Duck Goose.
The Dalloways.