KimBurrr Dorks: Dorktown EP59

m_8878d337527f958f93b6525b12003276Kim Burrly

Listen to Dorktown Episode 59 [just click it!] HEADS UP: NOT SAFE FOR WORK OR GRANDMAS.

-Dorktown puts Concordia, Kansas on the podcasting map.
-Apparently, Dorktown is the number four podcast in Fresno.
-Is Dorktown getting their ass kicked by The DUmb?
-Is there a band jinx on Dorktown?
-Tokyo Death March debuts on the show.
-NEW SEGMENT "ASK A ROLLER GIRL" DEBUTS WITH KIM BURRRLY! ( email Kim at kim@dorktown.net )
-Kim runs down Smog City's bout against Sonoma. Ever have to remove a skate from your 'giner?
-A Public House review of sorts.
-Becky does her best "Daisy".
-Fony Eyyysss.

Download Episode 59: kimburdorkEpisode59.mp3