Dorktown 63: Give it one more try

We have returned with in-studio Fresno dorkness. Listen to Dorktown Episode 63. Be warned, rude language and rude Fresnans throughout.

-The FCC can't stop drinking on podcasts.
-Fresnans are tuff!
-Bells randomly checks on listeners.
-Hot Fresno breakfast spots.
-Timmy T controversy on The Fresnan.
-"Brodie Mash" answers questions from a dork.
-The "Front Row" pops up in Fresno in another form.
-Why is Ray Appleton so damn popular?
-FBomb drop.
-The Sleepover Disaster gets dorky.
-The return of the OR GAME.
-National Champion Diamond Dogs...with Pat Hill?
-Fonzy Eyyss.

Download: dorktownEpisode63.mp3