Episdoe 64: Internetland and Dorktownland collide

I want you to think about something before you listen to this podcast: Can you handle listening to a couple of rude jackasses cussing, drinking and talking about nonsense? If the answer is yes, then download this: DorktownInternetLandEpisode64.mp3

Some things to expect:
  • A Fresnan ventures into Clovis?
  • What Fresno women would you like to see in a bikini?
  • Send Dorktown your gold!
  • Fresno band "The Fay Wrays" kiss Mikey and Bells.
  • Does a Fresno Starbucks need to be saved?
  • Baskin and Robbins corporate will want to hear this.
  • HIGH HORSE: Knock it off Kim! Knock it off!
  • Bells yells at Internetland.
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