Dorktown Fair: Episode 65

Dorktown Podcast episode 65 is not safe for work and is all about this:

The hiatus is over, what's been happening? Nothing, that's what.
The Fresno Fair and restraining orders.
Death Magnetic talk.
"Live" remote from The Landmark's patio with Mike Oz and Vince from Sleepover Disaster.
Does Bells miss the Tower District?
Bells gets on his high horse.
An attempt to try and send it back out to The Landmark with Mike Oz, FAILS. An attempt at interviewing Ed and Adam from TVLGFHF, doesn't.
Armos keep to themselves.
Fresno Wabo talk - where's Sammy?
Fonzy Eyyys and Fulton Mall chicks.
Armenian Festival and old folks.
Mikey waits for the funny.

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