Dorktown 66: Old Fresno Podcasting

Welcome to what is known as the stain on Fresno's culture rug: Dorktown Podcast. Episode 66 is ready for downloading. It's not safe for work but perfectly fine for babies. What to expect:
  • A little too much KISS and rambling open a podcast with.
  • Old listeners have grown up and moved on.
  • Good Fresno fake ID spots.
  • Bells is glad the election is over.
  • Downtown Bisla's was the best but The Sky Room is cool.
  • The Fay Wray's get more Dorktown play.
  • A Bell's HIGH HORSE.
  • Fran Florez gets the Dorktown treatment.
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
Listen to the podcast by clicking this: DorktownEpisode66.mp3