Dorktown Episode 68: Sounds Like Crap

Humbly brought to you by The Fresnan it's Dorktown Podcast Episode 68. It's unsafe listening for work and small English speaking children.

If you're brave enough to listen, you can expect that hosts Mikey and Bells's mics will be too loud and the guests (Derek and Aaron) mics won't be working at all (there is a payoff for that if you can listen to the whole show). You can also expect three celeb guests to show up, and Mikey sounding like a dumbshit.

Download: DorktownEpisode68.mp3


Dorktown Christmas 08 - Episode 67

It's Dorktown Podcast's Christmas 2008 Episode. It's not safe for work, unless you work at a strip club. Download: Dorktown Episode 67

-A Christmas Story kind of opening.
-Bells warns Mikey against dirty mall Santas.
-Winter Formal sex stories.
-Mikey over modulates a Victory Jump Christmas song and gives up.
-Is Gary Chereone taking over the defunct Cabo Wabo Fresno?
-More VH talk.
-HIGH HORSE: Glade's big ugly lying spokeswoman.
-Fonzy Eyyyyys.

Click this: dorktownepisode67.mp3