Dorktown #79 - A Dorktown Christmas

Xmas laneWelcome to another episode of our own crass little podcast, Dorktown. As always, your ears will be offended by the cussing and the lameness.

Download: aDorktownChristmas.mp3 [35.95mb] [39:18] [Episode #79]

Some of what you'll be listening too:

  • Christmas Tree lane better than Candy Cane Lane.
  • Bullard Knight football kicks all ass.
  • A Fresnan secret is revealed.
  • A Christmas movie themed OR GAME.
  • Dorktown interviews Luke from Brother Luke & The Comrades and Circles & Circles.
  • Live clip of Brother Luke playing at Starline.
  • Bells and Mikey play Modern Warfare 2 [PSN names: Bells316 and fresnan].
  • HIGH HORSE: Don't put nuts in Mikey's junk.
  • A "live" report from Christmas Tree Lane.
  • Dorktown is on Facebook now, become a fan and junk.

Technical issues (because Mikey is bound to jack up something):

  • Mikey's mic is too loud throughout the episode.
  • Audio suddenly becomes louder a few minutes in.
  • Bad feedback coming back from remotes.
Click to download or listen: aDorktownChristmas.mp3


Dorktown 78 - Mikey's Birthday Episode

Download Episode 78: dorktown78MikeyBday.mp3

What will you be listening to today?:
  • Mikey is really too old to be podcasting.
  • What has Clovis ever given us?!
  • Bells tries to cover for technical issues (wow, exciting, eh?)
  • Mikey is also too old to be watching Bulldog games.
  • Fresno's Wheels Of Fortune is played (awesome).
  • A Random Moment With Producer Becky.
  • What is Bells doing in Central Fresno?
  • Fresno sex posistions?
  • Fonzy Ehhhs go on too long.
Episode technical issues (because Mikey always jacks up something):
  • Computer power cuts out causing stopping and starting on several occasions.
Episode plugs and such:
  • Make sure to check out Wheels Of Fortune playing Audie's Olympic on December 26th.
  • Dorktown finally has a page on Facebook, become a fan!
  • Contact the show by emailing: mike@thefresnan.com
Episode 78: dorktown78MikeyBday.mp3


Dorktown Podcast episode 77 - The Fay Wrays show

Much like Fresno's Fay Wrays' album release show, this podcast has been building for some time. Finally it's here for us to enjoy (audio issues and all), as Ben and Eli (from the Fay Wrays) join Bells, Mikey and Producer Becky for some dorkness.

Some things you'll be listening to: The Fays Wrays new album, uncomfortable Dorktown pauses, more drinking is needed, recording in Fresno, Fresno's like Europe, Reedly talk, what happened to The Nancies?, loudest Fresno band, Fresno's live music club status, Ben plays some live music, where the Fays Wrays get their ideas, more live Ben, Fonzy Ehhhs.

Listen by clicking this: dorktown77faywrays.mp3

Thursday night's show:


Thanks for listening and please check out our blog at www.thefresnan.com


Dorktown Episode 76: Dorktown Is So Metal!

Dorktown is happy to return and fill your ears with Fresno foulness. What kind of podcast drunkness is there to expect in this episode?
  • North Clovis: Where Farmer Ted meets strip malls.
  • Bells remembers an old Fresno bar called "Wired"?
  • A kinda ACDC in Fresno review.
  • Past Bells and Mikey at Greek Fest.
  • Marin County talk.
  • A new local podcast may be invading Dorktown's space.
  • Re:FUSE Fest is coming to Downtown Fresno October 2nd and 3rd.
  • Fresno band Racelegs gets Dorktown play.
  • Former Flowing With Famous star, Reid May, is at Tokyo Garden and is so metal with his band Trumpet Solo.
  • "Or Game"
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
  • Bootlegged In Fresno: Trumpet Solo.

    Download Episode 76: DorktownIsSoMetal.mp3

*Or go to your iTunes, search in podcasts for "Dorktown" and have some dirty fun!


Dorktown Podcast - Episode 75

Simply put: This episode of Dorktown is for the giving fans of Dorktown. That's because it gets a little self-serving as there are no guests, a lot of talk about the Dorktown Anniversary Show, Dorktown's favorite "listener" is called and there is a Star Wars related tangent that can only be enjoyed by the hosts... and of course there is too many bad words. But when you get to 75 episodes, self-serving and fowl language is bound to happen.

So, you've been warned: It's NOT SAFE FOR WORK (or Dorktown haters).

Dare to download the show here: DorktownEpisode75.mp3 Or use the player below:

>Download the show here: DorktownEpisode75.mp3 Or use the player below:


Dorktown Podcast Episode 74 - The View Looks Good From Dorktown

So. Dorktown. It's our podcast. Been doing it for four years. We're having an anniversary party that you're all invited to on Thursday night at Audie's Olympic/Club Fred. It's going to be all kinds of awesome and free to attend. We hope to see you there. But first we have to podcast with our podcasting brothers, Ed and Adam from The View Looks Good From Here, Fresno. Download: DorktownEpisode74.mp3

What to kinda expect:

  • Where did Ed and Adam begin getting awesome?

  • The first ever Fresno Pacific discussion, anywhere, ever.

  • Bells translates for Becky.

  • The Bee is all small now.

  • Ed gets into a blog war.

  • Everyone (especially Eli) should come kick Mikey's ass at the Dorktown Anni show on Thursday!

  • Why did Adam and Ed start blogging? Why would anyone?

  • ShamWow jokes.

  • Is there anywhere to go in North Fresno?

  • Pecha Kucha presenting takes balls.

  • ACDC is coming to your Fresno.

  • Beer break.

  • Podcasting discussed.

  • iPhone/Star Wars battle.

  • Or games.

  • Fonzy eyyys for the second time.

>Contacting the dorks: mike@thefresnan.com or bells@dorktown.net

>Download the show here: DorktownEpisode74.mp3 Or use the player below:

Anniversary show details:



Dorktown 73: Patrick Contreras Band invades

Patrick Contreras

Fresno musician, Patrick Contreras, has been making the Fresno podcast rounds and has finally stopped by Dorktown to visit with Bells, Becky and Mikey. But that's not the only guest, PCB drummer Jason and bass/keyboard player Quetzal are hanging too, along with Ms. Joey aka Lola La Chola.

We don't want to give it all away but the band will be talking about shutting down the Tower District (pretty much) June 20th and they play a new song live! Plus, Joey gives up some juicy Smog City gossip at the end.

FOWL LANGUAGE AND LOUDNESS WARNING: There's a lot of it. Tell the kids "ear muffs" then listen to DorktownEpisode73.mp3 by clicking and downloading.

Or, you can use the player below:


Dorktown 72: Bells Goes After Everybody

Before you listen, you should know, like always, this show is for entertaining purposes and is not to be taken seriously and junk. So, as you might have guessed, it's Not Safe For Work or small animals. Here is an idea of what to expect:

  • Mikey says that Dorktown sucks and doesn't have a gameplan to save it.

  • Child Protective Services will be called after this.

  • Clovis Cops vs. Fresno Fuzz.

  • Water Crisis: Pissed off Ray Appleton and Kim Stevens audio.

  • The days when Sudz in the City was nice.

  • Bells tells us what to expect at the Hye Festival and gives us a Armenian lesson.

  • Ryan Seacreast replacing Fresno's Lori West.

  • Fonzy Eyyys.

You can download this file

Or, you can use the player below:


Dorktown Epsisode 71 - Newsroom Cafe

Fresno 162

Dorktown #71 was recorded at Kern and L in the Newsroom Cafe. Like most Dorktowns, this episode comes with a classic Not Safe For Work or Babies warning. Seriously. And sorry for the audio levels here, they are simply all over the place... you know, like always. Some things to expect:

  • A slow start with funky audio.

  • What posses a person to open up a Downtown Fresno business right now?

  • What the hell are the Rainbow Girls?

  • Is Ashley hot?

  • Drinking at Disneyland.

  • The Blue Bayou and secret clubs for "furries" and Donald Duck.

  • Everybody's first concerts.

  • Big Hat Days at Clovis.

  • Comcast has dating "On Demand"?

  • Things get out of hand.

  • Fonzy Eyyss.

Special thanks to the Newsroom Cafe for letting Dorktown bastardize their cool little hangout. Everyone should check this place out (because it's awesome) and support Downtown Fresno businesses.

If you're okay with bad language, have a listen by downloading this: Dorktown71newsroomcafe.mp3 [43:15]
Or use our player:


Dorktown Podcast 70:

DorktownPlease do us a favor, readers, and listen to Dorktown - Episode 70. And yes, this is NOT Safe For Work or fans common decency. Some things to expect:

>Lance Armstrong peed in Clovis.

>Does Bells know what the hell Twitter is?

>Dave Mathews finally comes to Fresno.

>Will there be a Lamb Of God ticket giveaway?

>One of Bells' rivals becomes a podcaster.

>Central Valley radio memories.

>Mike Oz gets rowdy voicemails.

>HateFX has new Fresno metal.

>Fonzy Eeyyys!

Contact the show: mike@thefresnan.com or bells@dorktown.net

Download the show here: DorktownEpisode70.mp3 Or use the player below:


Dorktown Podcast: Episode S-I-X-T-Y Niiiiine

Just trying to start your week off with something Not Safe For Work; it's our obnoxiously amusing, very poorly engineered and very Fresno, podcast: Dorktown69.mp3

Some things to expect:

FresnocardClerks finally opens the show, loud metal and low mic volume follows.
"Producer Becky" returns.
K-Fed comes back to Fresno.
Ty Pennington does too Extreme of a makeover in Fresno.
Segment: Is... is that fucking Timmy T?
Bad singing.
Farrell's memories disappoint.
Segment: High Horse: No, I haven't read your blog.
Music: Fashawn "Freedom"
Audio problem #2.
Segment: Underrated - Fresno edition.
More blogger bashing from Bells.
Bells is the best hamburger in Fresno.
Fonzy Eyyyss: complete with Star Wars and male enhancement.

Listen by Downloading: Dorktown69.mp3
Or just use this player: