Dorktown Podcast: Episode S-I-X-T-Y Niiiiine

Just trying to start your week off with something Not Safe For Work; it's our obnoxiously amusing, very poorly engineered and very Fresno, podcast: Dorktown69.mp3

Some things to expect:

FresnocardClerks finally opens the show, loud metal and low mic volume follows.
"Producer Becky" returns.
K-Fed comes back to Fresno.
Ty Pennington does too Extreme of a makeover in Fresno.
Segment: Is... is that fucking Timmy T?
Bad singing.
Farrell's memories disappoint.
Segment: High Horse: No, I haven't read your blog.
Music: Fashawn "Freedom"
Audio problem #2.
Segment: Underrated - Fresno edition.
More blogger bashing from Bells.
Bells is the best hamburger in Fresno.
Fonzy Eyyyss: complete with Star Wars and male enhancement.

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