Dorktown Epsisode 71 - Newsroom Cafe

Fresno 162

Dorktown #71 was recorded at Kern and L in the Newsroom Cafe. Like most Dorktowns, this episode comes with a classic Not Safe For Work or Babies warning. Seriously. And sorry for the audio levels here, they are simply all over the place... you know, like always. Some things to expect:

  • A slow start with funky audio.

  • What posses a person to open up a Downtown Fresno business right now?

  • What the hell are the Rainbow Girls?

  • Is Ashley hot?

  • Drinking at Disneyland.

  • The Blue Bayou and secret clubs for "furries" and Donald Duck.

  • Everybody's first concerts.

  • Big Hat Days at Clovis.

  • Comcast has dating "On Demand"?

  • Things get out of hand.

  • Fonzy Eyyss.

Special thanks to the Newsroom Cafe for letting Dorktown bastardize their cool little hangout. Everyone should check this place out (because it's awesome) and support Downtown Fresno businesses.

If you're okay with bad language, have a listen by downloading this: Dorktown71newsroomcafe.mp3 [43:15]
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