Dorktown Podcast Episode 74 - The View Looks Good From Dorktown

So. Dorktown. It's our podcast. Been doing it for four years. We're having an anniversary party that you're all invited to on Thursday night at Audie's Olympic/Club Fred. It's going to be all kinds of awesome and free to attend. We hope to see you there. But first we have to podcast with our podcasting brothers, Ed and Adam from The View Looks Good From Here, Fresno. Download: DorktownEpisode74.mp3

What to kinda expect:

  • Where did Ed and Adam begin getting awesome?

  • The first ever Fresno Pacific discussion, anywhere, ever.

  • Bells translates for Becky.

  • The Bee is all small now.

  • Ed gets into a blog war.

  • Everyone (especially Eli) should come kick Mikey's ass at the Dorktown Anni show on Thursday!

  • Why did Adam and Ed start blogging? Why would anyone?

  • ShamWow jokes.

  • Is there anywhere to go in North Fresno?

  • Pecha Kucha presenting takes balls.

  • ACDC is coming to your Fresno.

  • Beer break.

  • Podcasting discussed.

  • iPhone/Star Wars battle.

  • Or games.

  • Fonzy eyyys for the second time.

>Contacting the dorks: mike@thefresnan.com or bells@dorktown.net

>Download the show here: DorktownEpisode74.mp3 Or use the player below:

Anniversary show details: