Dorktown Episode 76: Dorktown Is So Metal!

Dorktown is happy to return and fill your ears with Fresno foulness. What kind of podcast drunkness is there to expect in this episode?
  • North Clovis: Where Farmer Ted meets strip malls.
  • Bells remembers an old Fresno bar called "Wired"?
  • A kinda ACDC in Fresno review.
  • Past Bells and Mikey at Greek Fest.
  • Marin County talk.
  • A new local podcast may be invading Dorktown's space.
  • Re:FUSE Fest is coming to Downtown Fresno October 2nd and 3rd.
  • Fresno band Racelegs gets Dorktown play.
  • Former Flowing With Famous star, Reid May, is at Tokyo Garden and is so metal with his band Trumpet Solo.
  • "Or Game"
  • Fonzy Eyyys.
  • Bootlegged In Fresno: Trumpet Solo.

    Download Episode 76: DorktownIsSoMetal.mp3

*Or go to your iTunes, search in podcasts for "Dorktown" and have some dirty fun!


Reid said...

You guys have live interviewing and time traveling abilities most podcast engineers only dream of! I want to play the Fuse Festival on top of the Dorktown Studio's roof.

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